Ombori Grid Virtual Queues

Using Ombori Grid for Virtual Queues

It may seem strange to keep count of the people coming into your store. But especially during the pandemic, or any type of public health concern, you need to know how many people are present. You might also want to track customer counts to see what times of day are most popular with shoppers, for example, so you know to have more staff available during that time. There are many reasons to count people, and Ombori Grid can help you do that as quickly and efficiently as possible, for more business success.

You don’t have to settle for guesswork and stress when it comes to how many people you’re letting into your store at one time. There are good reasons to make sure your store isn’t overcrowded, and your employees aren’t overwhelmed. The more you can balance the ratio of customers to employees, the less stress and frustration both of those groups will have. That’s good news for everyone, because it makes the shopping experience much more pleasant.

With Ombori Grid, you can handle customer flow management, keep track of the number of people in the store at any given time, and also make sure you’re creating a virtual queue, so people can come and get the products or services they need. Some stores are much bigger than others, and that means there may be times when people who want to come inside will have to wait. But they should know approximately how long their wait will be, and they should also know when they can expect to get inside.

With a virtual queue managed through Ombori Grid, your customers will be notified when it’s their turn to come inside. You can also set it up to provide appointments, so a customer can come to you at a day and time that works for both of you, and they’ll know that they don’t have to wait and hope that they can get in. Depending on the kinds of products or services you offer, there are a number of different issues your customers might need to address. Time could be of the essence for them.

With an analytics dashboard, virtual queues for customers, and empowerment options for your employees, Ombori Grid provides everything you need to be successful in counting people and making sure your store isn’t getting too full, at any point in time. It’s very important that you protect the health and safety of your employees, during the pandemic and at other times, as well. By having a good suite of software your employees can use to address queues and other areas of people counting, everyone benefits.

Settling for less isn’t necessary, when you can easily use Ombori Grid to get the services and value your company and its customers are looking for. Having everything in one place helps you control the number of people in the store, keep a count of how many more want to come in, and schedule them in ways that reduce stress on your employees. With curbside pickup options, you can also serve more customers without having them come inside and add to the in-store count, as well.