View of a Businessman holding a Wifi router and data - 3d rendering

New Wi-Fi Technology: Wi-Fi 6, What It Really Means

During the past few years, internet technology has changed significantly. With the growth of the cloud, cyber security options, and Mesh WiFi which people can read more about here, there are massive changes taking place in cyberspace. One of the major changes that has taken place recently is the development of new Wi-Fi technology called Wi-Fi 6. It is important for everyone to understand what Wi-Fi 6 is, how it works, and what this means for the future of the digital world. 

What Is Wi-Fi 6, Really?

First, it is important for people to know that this is simply a new generation of Wi-Fi. Similar to how Wi-Fi has evolved during the past 20 years, this simply represents the next step in this evolution. Even though consumers might not notice a massive shift, such as they did when dial-up internet went away, Wi-Fi 6 is going to include a slate of new technologies that are designed to make it easier for people to access the internet. Ideally, this is also going to be faster, better meeting the needs of the user. 

Is Wi-Fi 6 Going To Be Faster?

Yes, Wi-Fi 6 is going to be faster. Some of the early speed test are proving this. For example, many people think that Wi-Fi 6 could approach 10 gigabytes per second (GBPS) in download speeds. This is much faster than 3.5 GBPS that people enjoy with the current generation of internet connections. 

Even though these speeds are exciting, they are both theoretical. As many people know, it is very unlikely that people are ever going to reach the theoretical maximum. Even if people were able to reach these speeds, it is unlikely that people would ever actually need them. Most people in the United States need less than 1 percent of the theoretical maximum with the current speed. Therefore, it is nice that the internet speeds are going to be faster, particularly when a single connection is divided across multiple devices, but Wi-Fi 6 isn’t really about speed. 

Then What Is Wi-Fi 6 About?

This generation of internet is not going to be about boosting speeds for an individual device. Now, this is going to be about boosting internet performance when it is connected across multiple devices. This is an important distinction. When the prior generation of internet was released, the average house only had about five internet devices attached to it. Now, the average house has close to 10. Therefore, it is critical for internet connections to work well even one spread across multiple devices. That is Wi-Fi 6 is about.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens when Wi-Fi 6 is released. There’s a lot of anticipation that is already building surrounding this new internet technology. It will be exciting to see how this changes how people use the internet.