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Keeping Your Meeting on Track

How Business Professionals Can Keep Their Meeting on Track


Business professionals are often tasked with presenting at meetings, which can be very difficult if the speaker needs to prepare. According to an entrepreneur named Raphael Sternberg, there are some ways business professionals can keep their meeting on track and improve it.

In this, Sternberg discusses how business professionals can maintain focus during meetings and avoid overlooking key points that could prove crucial to the company’s success. Furthermore, it will list five practices that could help a professional speak at meetings more effectively and efficiently.

1. Have a Plan

To maintain focus during meetings, the speaker needs to have a plan for what they will say and how it will fit into the discussion. It is easy for someone to lose their focus when presenting because they need to figure out what is going on in the meeting and know how their presentation fits into everything happening in the forum. When one has a plan, it holds them accountable for their production and ensures that they will speak on all key points that need to be addressed.

2. Know Your Audience

Having a plan helps, but knowing your audience is even more critical. On any given day, several things can distract someone from focus, whether an email that’s not getting answered or a meeting that drags on for too long. Ensuring that someone is well informed about the meeting in advance will help them maintain focus and ensure they notice all vital information.

3. Feel Confident

Maintaining focus during a meeting is more than just knowing the material that needs to be presented. It’s essential to have confidence in one’s knowledge and the ability to speak about it effectively and efficiently. If someone feels nervous or lost while presenting, they are more likely to disregard critical points because their audience will not be interested in this information.

4. Speak Slowly

One of the ways that a speaker can maintain focus on any material is to speak slowly. This is especially true for someone speaking in front of a large audience or even just a small one with many different things going on. The slow, clear way one speaks will keep them from singing off-tune and ensure they’re advancing the conversation at all times.

5. Avoid Distractions

According to entrepreneur Raphael Sternberg, one way to improve the flow and speed at which one presents is to avoid distractions while they are speaking. Sometimes, the distraction is something like an email that is so important it needs to be checked. In other cases, the distraction could be a lack of knowledge about what’s happening in the meeting and why they are there. It’s essential to stay focused while speaking to ensure they recognize all key points that need to be addressed.


As shown above, there are several ways to improve a meeting and ensure progress. These tips can be applied to any speaker, regardless of their experience speaking. If a speaker follows these steps, they can be sure that their presentation is the best it can be and that the meeting will flow as smoothly as possible.