jobs of the future

The Future of Work and Jobs of the Future

Did you know that 61% of employees would switch jobs for the opportunity to work from home? The amount of employees who were working from home increased dramatically during the pandemic, and many were not happy to return to typical office life. Employees reported that their happiness and workplace morale increased while being remote, so workplaces are beginning to change in order to fit the needs of their employees.

With more workplaces transitioning to online work, there are a number of changes that could occur. The most prominent change would be the number of places to work would increase, as employees would be able to choose where they could work. Digital assistants could become more prevalent, as workers on all levels will use devices like Siri or Alexa to sort and prioritize their tasks. With changing workplaces, new roles may emerge to better organize and oversee this new way to work.

The traditional office job is quickly becoming a thing of the past. With employees focusing more on their families and their own wellness, businesses are going to have to make changes to accommodate them soon. Are you ready for the workplaces of the future? Learn more about the changes affecting careers in the infographic below:

Jobs Of The Future