It’s Not Delivery, It’s a Disaster: Seeking Compensation After A Delivery Accident

If a delivery driver is injured on the job, it’s possible for him or her to file a workers’ compensation claim to help cover medical costs and other expenses resulting from injuries. Many people rely on delivery drivers to provide everything from food to Amazon packages, but drivers are at risk of getting involved in vehicle accidents every day.

Workers’ Compensation for Delivery Drivers

In the event of an accident, delivery drivers may face costs they didn’t expect if they’re injured and need to recover. They may face expensive medical bills, and they may worry about their ability to make payments if they’re unable to work while recovering. However, most delivery drivers’ employers are required to provide workers’ compensation benefits to employees.

If a delivery driver is involved in an accident and sustains injuries, he or she can file a workers’ comp claim that may provide coverage for medical expenses, lost wages, surgery, and other related costs to ease the financial burden.

The Types of Risks Delivery Drivers Face

Delivery drivers don’t simply drive from one location to another, which can result in a traffic crash while on delivery. In addition to driving, delivery drivers may load their own vehicles, which can result in injuries from heavy lifting.

Delivery drivers may also be at risk of injury while in the vicinity of equipment such as forklifts and other machinery in warehouses. They may be vulnerable to repetitive stress injuries resulting from performing the same action repeatedly over sustained periods of time. Icy sidewalks and other slick surfaces may lead to slip and falls while delivering on foot. It’s also possible for them to be involved in incidents drivers may not even contemplate, such as dog bite incidents while making a delivery in a residential neighborhood.

How the Workers’ Comp Process Works for Delivery Drivers

Generally, if a delivery driver is injured on the job, there are steps he or she should take to recover compensation through workers’ comp claims.

First, it’s important for the driver to seek treatment as soon as possible if needed. If the injury isn’t severe enough to warrant immediate treatment, delivery drivers should notify their employer of the injury immediately. The longer employees wait to notify supervisors of an injury, the more this might hurt a claim and allow other employees to encounter the same hazards.

Employees should also complete an accident report soon while the incident is still fresh in their minds. The quicker they file an accident report, the more details they’ll be able to recall and include, which could support their claim.

The next step is to seek medical treatment if needed. Employees may need to visit the doctor designated in the workers’ comp policy, which can help employees avoid paying for treatment. However, some employees may be more comfortable seeing their own physician, in which case it’s best to keep copies of all medical bills and records.

Employees can then file for workers’ compensation with an attorney to begin the claims process. Taking all of the previous steps can help support the claim and increase the chances of recovering compensation.