Is Your Bad Attitude Making You Dumber?

It’s really sad to see someone suffer memory loss.  It’s something that I think about sometimes.

I don’t want to be a burden on my wife when I’m an old man.
My parents are both in their 70’s and my only surviving grandma is 99.  They all have great memories.  It’s been a year or so since I saw my grandma, but she can remember where and what we ate every time we were together.

My Dad can remember trivia at age 75 that is incredible and my Mom pretty much remembers everything.

One thing they all have in common is that they are all very positive people. They are optimistic and think about all the things that they are grateful for much more than the things that bother them.

It turns out that this common trait might be one of the reasons they have such good memories.

A recent study published in the Journal of Psychological Science found that “people who feel enthusiastic and cheerful” are less likely to experience memory decline as they get older.  This finding is just one more reason, that science has confirmed, that a positive attitude is beneficial to our health!
The research team studied data from 991 American men and women for a period of 20 years.

During semi-annual assessments the participants were asked to report on a range of positive emotions they had experienced during the previous 30 days.  During these assessments, they were also tested on their memory.  These tests included long term memories and recalling lists of words immediately after they were told them and then one more time 15 minutes later.
The team then examined the association between positive attitudes and memory capacity.  They accounted for age, gender, education, depression, negative emotions and their levels of extroversion.

The director of the study, Claudia Haase, said, “Our findings showed that memory declined with age, however, individuals with higher levels of positive attitudes had a less steep memory decline over the course of the 2 decades.”

In another study I looked at, done by Stanford University, the results were similar in ability to learn math among elementary students.

“Attitude is really important,” said Dr. Lang Chen, the study’s lead author, “Based on our data, the unique contribution of positive attitude to math achievement is as large as the contribution from IQ.”

I know it’s not easy to always be positive and have a good attitude, but the science is pretty clear that our attitude is just as important as our actual talent or genetic capabilities.  We can’t control most things that happen to us, but one thing we for sure are able to control, is what kind of attitude we are going to have towards the things that life throws our way.

Have a great day, think happy thoughts, and remember, the nanotechnology in Nanohydr8 will help keep your mind and body performing at its peak, and this will for sure make it easier to have a positive attitude!

Adam Legas
Founder/ CEO Nanohydr8