Why You Should Be Investing in Africa

When you think of Africa you may not immediately think of it as a fast-growing economy but in 2018 it was considered to be of the 5 fastest growing economies in the world. Africa has even expanded at 2X the rate of other economies and it is not slowing down any time soon. This growth may not have caught the attention of the average person but it has caught the eyes of Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. These major tech companies are investing in Africa but they aren’t the only ones.

Foreign investments in Africa include Twiga Foods, Farmcrowdy, iProcure, and Khula App. These investments are even proving that there is a higher return in Africa than in other developing regions. Why should you start investing in Africa? Just three years ago total startup funding in Africa grew by a whooping 4X with funding deals also doubling. That’s $725.6 million raised and 458 deals made! You can get on board with investing in Africa by working to gain exposure in the Africa business network. Here you will be able to start presenting your products or service ideas.

Eventually, even begin partnering to operate and expand your business in Africa too. Pretty soon you will have your foot in the door with investing in Africa.

Investing In Africa Infographic
Via: EmpowerAfrica.com