Importance of Lent

Lent is tremendously important to Christians as it symbolizes the sacrifice that Christ made for mankind. Father George Rutler emphasizes that the ceremony of Lent is not only for worship, but it is to affirm a Christian dedication to God and the savior. Without it, there is no avenue for redemption. The ceremony does not take very long and it works under the assumption that those above are witnessing it.

One part of the ceremony is that ashes are dabbed on the forehead of the disciple. This action dates back to the 11th century. Before that pure worship was in place, however as prophesied by Christ himself pure worship was corrupted in the first century. It was diluted by many sources, but one main source was Emperor Constantine.

Before the corruption, no Lent or anything was resembling it. It was made up by the temple priest probably to exert control over the disciples. However, it is an important religious holiday or rite. Millions show their love and devotion to Christ and his father in this way.

They believe that this is the proper way to worship so who’s to say what they are doing is wrong. It’s right to them and God understands. During this time Christians repent of their sins and confess them as well. It is a good reminder of how to be a human being and not to be animal-like with no moral compass.

It binds the brotherhood of man who is reconciled to God through Jesus. Some go through the motions, They show an outward display to the public as to be righteous, while others are truly sincere. Only the son and the father know who is and who will be in the new world. The sinful tendency is to sin there are no two ways about it. That’s what makes Lent or the remembrance of what Christ did for us so important.

This sinful state or negative state of being is constantly pushing us off the straight path. So really a daily reminder is important not only at the time of Christ’s sacrifice. The time of Lent is like a booster shot that helps us to re-engage into the teachings of Jesus. Thus it helps the followers keep on course.

So whatever is said about the origins of Lent, it still is an important aspect of worship. It shows to God and Christ the love a disciple has for them and their way of life. Certainly, prayer is also essential at this time. Some outside of the Christian congregation may view this as mystical hocus pocus, but then again there are no atheists in foxholes.

In other words, when a person is faced with life or death nine times out of ten they pray to God to save them. The dedication to God and his son is very important to Christians. It should be paramount to all humans on earth if they want to survive and attain everlasting life. So whatever you want to call it Lent or the remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice rest assured it will continue by the will of God. Ask Father George Rutler.