Importance of Eating 3 Meals a Day

Father George Rutler believes it is important to stay fit. Being physically fit is good for the mind and body. Eating healthy and staying active are ways in which to achieve this. Some ways Rutler says one can stay physically active is to visit the gym or to use a home gym. He also says that engaging in outdoor activities is a good way to stay fit and have bonding time for families. Another way is to be sure to eat a healthy diet. Studies show that eating at least three meals a day is a good way to reduce the appetite and lose weight. Those that eat three healthy meals a day are more likely to weigh less than those who eat less than three meals. Those that eat less than three meals a day are more likely to overeat in the times that they do eat. Those that eat at least three meals a day are more likely to stay fuller longer and therefore are less likely to eat more when they do eat.

It is important to choose foods that are low-calorie rather than eating higher-calorie foods like pizza and chips. Although many are tempted to eat in an unhealthy manner there are many health advantages to eating healthy. Find foods that are appetizing, that are low-calorie, and that satisfy hunger. Chicken, vegetables, and whole-grain are all foods that are filling yet healthy. Find the foods that work best and find ways to make a new meal out of that food so that it does not become boring. For example, a salad one day with grains, baked chicken, and any chosen vegetable. The next day use the same chicken (maybe leftovers) and pair it with asparagus and brown rice. These are meals that are filling and satisfying. Also, keep track of what is eaten and when it is eaten. There are apps online that can help keep track of meals. Or buy a diary and insert each meal and snack each day. Also, note if that meal was filling and satisfying. Make sure the chosen way of eating is going to be one that can be committed to. Lastly, Make a meal plan. This lessens the chance of reaching for the first thing in the refrigerator or pantry that catches the eye. When planning be sure to not be too strict. It is important to stick with whatever plan was established and making it one that can be committed to is important.

Another suggestion would be to add a snack or two in-between meals if the meals chosen are not as filling as first expected. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great holdover to make it to the next meal without breaking previously made commitments. Be sure not to eat sugary or fatty snacks and be sure to log the snacks chosen along with the meals. These eating habits with regular physical activity are great ways to achieve and maintain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.