How the Hybrid Workplace Will Get Us Through the Pandemic

The height of the pandemic had everyone working from home and many even leaving major city areas. While some have returned to the cities they left, others have decided to quit for greener, more remote pastures. Smaller cities have received an influx or remote workers…but is remote work automatically better? Sure, a lot of the watercooler culture may not really be culture, but we as social creatures do crave togetherness and a sense of in-person human connection and interaction. The hybrid workplace may just fix that.

Practically speaking, it isn’t feasible for everyone to be back in the office if we are to keep pandemic safety protocols in place such as social distancing and a maximum percentage occupancy. What could work, however, is to have a hybrid workplace allowing some of the workers into the office some of the time, and rotating out a remote schedule. We may miss out on some of the social interactions and serendipity of the past, but all things considered, this seems to be a fair and balanced approach that will work for many office environments.

It’s time to adapt to the future of the workplace. Learn about how and why this is the perfect moment for the hybrid workplace to rise through the following visual deep dive below:

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