How You Can Thrive When Starting A Freelance Writing Business

Freelance writing has changed immensely due to technology and it seems like everyone needs a decent copywriter. The freelance world is very healthy and there is always a need for content. Writing is like any other form of art as the more you write, the better you will get at it. Getting feedback is always important as you can hone your skills with the right construction criticism. The following are tips that will allow you to thrive when starting a freelance writing business. 

You Need A Dedicated Office Space

An office space is essential to stay productive during the hours you are working as distractions can be abundant at home. Large sheds can even be an option if you want to work in a space that is detached from the home. The garage or basement of the home are other options where you can get the peace you need to write your best content. 

Rush Orders Pay Extremely Well

Working strange hours can result in being paid very well. There could be clients that have dropped the ball and need a batch of content rushed. These orders usually pay quite a bit more than normal orders due to the time crunch. Working these long hours on a weekend could result in far more money for the month. Clients also remember who helped them in their time of need and this can build client retention. Finding these jobs that need to be done in 24 or 48 hours can be tough but it will be worth it. 

Look For Clients With Daily Work 

Platforms like that of Upwork can allow you to find clients that need daily work. This could be a single article or blog post per day but it easily helps fill your writing schedule. Finding a client that pays well and needs daily work is going to be a challenge. There are so many other writers that farm out work that they receive and take a bit of money from each piece completed. Reaching out to certain content marketing companies can be important as they usually have a multitude of daily content they need to be created. 

Value Your Work Correctly

Setting prices might be a bit tough during the beginning of your freelance career. Most freelancers seem to drop their prices just to stay busy. Building a client base of clients that will pay your rate will take time. It might require taking some lower-paying jobs when you first start writing. Filling your schedule is important so you can get into the flow of getting on your computer and immediately writing. Take a look at others that specialize in your type of writing as you might find you are charging a fraction of what they do. 

Freelance writers can change their lives by finding a few clients that truly appreciate their work. Most clients are willing to give a writer a pay increase if they know their quality of work. Others would rather go with the cheapest option as quality might not be their focus. Take the tips above and thrive long-term in your freelance writing career.