How to Persevere Through Online Education

Diego Ruiz Duran understands how many things have changed ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020. Workers have lost jobs, students have had to be removed from schools across the country as well as the world and people’s general sense of normalcy has been permanently altered; however, things cannot be doom and gloom forever. Even in these harrowing circumstances many individuals are trying their best to find some light. A lot of people across the country as well as the world are still sticking it out when it comes to the pursuit of knowledge and education. In this new environment however, things can be tough and downright exhausting.

The first hurdle that many online students either will face or have already faced is the obstacle concerning fatigue of the screen. People generally have always spent a lot of time looking at screens even before the pandemic hit. In stores, restaurants as well as out in the open in public spaces people were texting constantly, making frequent phone calls and enjoying the fun capabilities of technology so what makes it so much more different now? It is actually really simple. People didn’t and still don’t have to do these things. People text and make calls and enjoy technology because they have the option; however, online schooling is non-negotiable, a much longer means of engagement and stationary. These factors contribute to screen fatigue much more than the aforementioned acts. Concerning fatigue of this nature, it’s important to unplug from these circumstances whenever possible. If there isn’t a class in the next hour or so, why not take a walk outside or simply get a little fresh air for a little while? If class just ended, don’t feel obligated to engage with homework right after the fact if you need to use technology once again to get it done. These sorts of strategies can be used to recover before working again so that students do not get burned out from school.

Another strategy that can be helpful provided that one’s circumstances allow for it is changing location. Most students are usually taking classes in their room and if not in their room, they are most likely still in their houses taking classes. This is another jarring difference in online schooling and something that can affect a lot of different people. The most obvious reason for this sort of tension is that the entire house, if you do not live alone, has to adapt to someone taking classes now. People will have to talk quieter when class is in session especially if the home doesn’t have a lot of space and even if the house manages to adapt perfectly there are still numerous distractions in the house. There can be distractions in the room or some game system beside the student that can disengage them from class. Because of this, people like Diego Ruiz Duran, a successful lawyer in Mexico, believe that it’s best to find neutral places such as libraries or spaces outside of the home to reduce the distractions in the classroom. These aforementioned strategies are only a few ways to manage online schooling but it’s always important to remember that this pandemic is something that everyone is working to get through together and it will be placed behind us in due time.