noise pollution and work from home
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How to Not Feel Overwhelmed

In a time of high stress not only in personal lives but in the state of the pandemic, there is no longer a lot of room to take time for oneself. In order to regain control of a mindset, stress levels and one’s own life, there are many ways to work to destress and feel much less overwhelmed. Adding little things to a daily routine can bring the calm and depressed feeling that everyone is searching for in their day to day lives.

Breathing Techniques

In order for someone to ground themselves back to their current state, breathing can provide a feeling of being back in touch with a calm self. There are many breathing techniques, but an important one may be to sit down in a comfortable place, allowing the body to relax. Focusing on each part of the body, starting from the toes and moving up, one can breathe deep and become more aware of themselves. Knowing the body and grounding it into reality can provide a safety and calming feeling.

Take a Break

Though workloads throughout working from home may be large, taking a break when it is obvious one is feeling overwhelmed is very important. While it doesn’t have to be long, a break from the stressful work can bring energy back up and stress levels back down.

A break can be anything, such as a walk around the block or a small snack. Anything to take the mind off of work or stressful situations for a little, allowing it to return to a comfortable, calm state.

Other Activities

Like taking a walk, physical activities have the ability to bring calm and destress those who feel overwhelmed. An example of this is meditation or yoga. Meditation can serve as another breathing technique and practice to clear one’s mind of all negative feelings, allowing the grounding and ability to return to work with a clear mind.

Yoga is also a way to bring the body back to a comfortable, light space. Some people, such as Helen Lee Schifter, will encourage that yoga become part of a daily routine, allowing the reset to a calm mind and body at least once a day. With this addition of getting the body moving in a beneficial way, stress and the overwhelmed feeling can easily dissolve out of the body. Just simple yoga movements every day can make a world of change in the body.

Removing Stress

The impact of stress and being overwhelmed on the mind and body can make anyone feel as if they can’t breathe. Now more than ever, there is a heightened feeling of stress as the workloads, the political climates, and the overall state of the world adds more and more room to be overwhelmed.

Using things such as breathing techniques, taking momentary breaks when they are needed, and working meditation or yoga into a daily routine can make a world of change in the bodily and mental state of those who feel overwhelmed and stressed.