How to Land Commercial Space for Your Business

How to Land Commercial Space for Your Business

You’ve reached the point in your career and decided it’s time to start your own business. You know that you want to make a difference, not just for yourself but for others too. That’s where finding a commercial space comes in! Commercial Space is generally any building or set of buildings utilized by a business to make a profit, marketing their goods and services to customers in a commercially viable manner. The best place to locate commercial space is near the site where the business will be working. This will allow the shop owner or business owner to be close to their employees, clients, and customers. Dr. Jordan Sudberg, a pain management specialist, has some advice to ensure you land a commercial space that will benefit you and your business in the long run.

1. Find the Right Space

Work with a real estate broker that can help you locate the perfect space for your business. It’s essential to find a location that is easily accessible to your customers and clients and close to other companies, restaurants, and retail stores. Some experts recommend using real estate agents with experience finding commercial spaces because they are more likely to provide insight into what potential areas will look like and know about the zoning laws.

2. Do Your Research

It’s much more likely that someone will decide to rent commercial space to a business when the rental price is less than the amount they would have to pay for office space. Use the Internet and other sources of information to identify if buildings or rooms are available in your price range. Consider publicizing your business in local newspapers, which is a great way to reach potential customers who may be searching for a company to lease or purchase.

3. Evaluate Access and Convenience

Once you have found a business space close to where your employees will be working, take time to fully evaluate the “walkability” and ease of access for your customers and clients. Ask yourself if it will be easy for them to find you, get in touch with you, and leave their contact information. Ensure that the building or space is well-lit and that the bathrooms are easily accessible.

4. Develop a Business Plan

Once an appropriate space has been found, your next step is to develop a business plan. However, you may have decided to open a business before finding a suitable commercial space. Once you have found the right place, begin writing your business plan. Dr. Jordan Sudberg recommends carefully thinking about location’s impact on your employees and customers. What are their needs in terms of transportation and facility?

5. Develop a Marketing Strategy

After you have constructed your plan, begin to implement your marketing strategy. This may include creating a website for your business, finding an advertising agency, and designing business cards for yourself and your employees. Conduct market research to determine what people want from commercial space and why they need it. You can approach potential owners with a proposal when you are good to go.

A good land commercial space for your business must be well-lit, clean, and have good visibility. One should be aware of specific zoning laws in every city. Once your business is up and running, chances are good that your location for your shop or office will be ideal for others. Consider hosting an open house once in a while to let others know how successful your business has been locally.