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How to Impress Clients to Close a Huge Deal that Could Change Your Business

Entertaining clients is one of the best parts of a job for a number of professionals. You can enjoy high-end dining experiences and nightlife that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. Closing huge deals can completely change the trajectory of a business well into the future. Clients are going to opt to sign with a company that they have built a relationship. Personal rapport is important as clients want to work with people they like if the offerings are similar between two offers. The following are tips to ensure that you give your business the best chance of getting clients to sign long-term contracts.


Clients coming into town for a couple of days should be impressed with where they are staying. Corporate accommodations that are centrally located can give the potential or current clients the best experience possible. Temporary apartments can also be used as these are affordable when bringing in an entire team from a potential client. Airbnb is another option but you do not want to risk a bad host ruining the chances to close a huge deal.

Take Clients Out to a Top Restaurant

Client dinners give you a chance to enjoy the company of your sales prospect. There are those people that will let their guard down during this time. Building the personal rapport that is so important should be the focus of this. You shouldn’t force conversation and leave the pitch at home. Nobody wants to be pitched the entire time they are in a city as it can be overwhelming. Keep in mind that you do not want to drink too much or have your client drink too much. You do not want to lose out on a deal due to a client getting too drunk and embarrassing themselves.

There are cities that have a healthy nightlife which can be fun for staff and clients to enjoy. All cities differ so make sure to entertain your clients in a way that is special to your city. A business in Florida might take clients to a beach bar while in a national hub like Atlanta, you might enjoy a top nightclub.

Do Not Skimp on the Pitch

The pitch needs to be top of the line and customized to your client. Small details of the pitch should be geared towards the client as all circumstances differ. Doing the small things like researching the individuals you will be pitching to makes all of the difference. Being able to use references that are understood by those being pitched is important. A small social media sweep can allow you to see the interests or even alma maters of the individuals being pitched. The prospects should also have a printed version of the pitch so they can take this with them and follow along.

Impressing clients can allow you to enter into agreements that can stabilize a business long-term. Take the time to research clients and see how you can make it a no brainer to sign with your business.