How to Give Your Boss Feedback

How to Give Your Boss Feedback

As the level of performance at an office continues to rise and more employees are showing initiative to hit milestones, employees must continue to nurture the talent of everyone working there. To do this effectively, one first needs to understand what type of feedback the employees need from their superiors. Not everyone reacts to positive vibes the same way, so a little research will help one figure out how to target his message accordingly. Pain management specialist Dr. Jordan Sudberg explains how and why employees should give effective feedback at work.

What Makes Feedback Effective?

According to Dr. Sudberg, the best way to get employees to improve is to give them feedback on how they can do better next time. Effective feedback is the kind that helps people achieve personal goals. It’s constructive and not just positive praise. It’s specific. If an employer tells someone, they did a good job, they don’t specify how they can improve. It’s up to them to figure out how they can get better. Once they get feedback like this, they may get discouraged and stop trying.

Types of Feedback

There are many different types of feedback an employer can give his employees, including:

One performs feedback when someone does something that’s not up to standard. This can include everything from how often someone emails them to how well they perform their job – both at work and outside.

Qualitative feedback is something one gives when someone does something good. This is often more personal than quantitative feedback, as they give someone a more qualitative assessment of their performance.

Quantitative feedback is something one gives when someone does something good or bad. This is often more objective than qualitative feedback, as they give someone a number they can understand and use to improve.

When to Give Feedback

Dr. Jordan Sudberg emphasizes that there are many times when it’s not appropriate to give feedback to someone. If someone has asked another person to deliver the feedback, it’s not appropriate to start giving feedback right when the request is made. It’s best to wait a few days and then deliver the feedback. This way, one can be sure that it’s the right type of feedback and that you’re delivering it at the right time.

How to Give Effective Workplace Feedback

When delivering feedback, one must remember to share information with his employees. The idea is to help them grow as individuals and professionals. This means he needs to deliver feedback honestly and openly while ensuring they are ready to receive it. When delivering feedback, he should make sure that the feedback is open-ended rather than giving it narrowly.


If an employer wants his employees to feel motivated and productive, he needs to show them that he is interested in how they grow as individuals and professionals. The most effective way to show this is to give performance feedback. One can give many different types of feedback, so one can choose which one is most helpful for his situation. It’s best to wait until a few days after the feedback when one has had time to think about it and get other people’s feedback before delivering the feedback.