How to Craft the Perfect Career Objective Statement

How to Craft the Perfect Career Objective Statement

Did you know that just 14% of recruiters spend more than a minute reading a resume? One minute isn’t a lot of time. If you want to move on to the next round of the interview process, you will have to capture the recruiter’s attention within just a minute.

One way to capture your audience’s attention is by writing a career objective statement on your resume. 

In the article below, you’ll find some tips for resume writing. These tips will help you write career objective statements that capture the attention of recruiters. Read on to learn more resume writing tips. 

Tailor Your Career Objective Statement to the Job

You don’t have to change your entire resume every time you apply for a new role, but you should change your objective statement regularly. When you’re applying for a new job, read the job description carefully.

You’ll be able to use the job description to write your career objective statement. If you search “how to write a career objective on resume” in Google, you’ll find articles that mention keywords.

Keywords are certain words and phrases in every job description that recruiters use to find the right candidate. You should make sure your resume has the keywords that are on the job description. 

Talk About Ways in Which You Can Add Value

Why should a company hire you? Your career objective shouldn’t just talk about your hopes and dreams; it should mention ways in which you can add value to the company in pursuit of LPC license reciprocity.

Be sure to mention how your skills will translate to business success. You may also want to talk about any inique skills that set you apart from other candidates. 

Put Your Career Objective Statement at the Top of the Page

Your career objective statement should be one of the first things that recruiters read. Be sure to put it near the top of your resume. You can use a free resume builder to design a resume with the career objective statement at the top.

Ask Someone to Proofread Your Statement

One of the best tips for writing a resume is to ask someone to review your writing. Some recruiters will instantly toss out a resume if they see a type or grammatical error.

That’s why you should always ask a friend or professional proofreader to review your resume. It’s hard to see mistakes in your own writing, especially if you’ve been reading the same paragraph over and over. 

Reviewing the Best Tips for Resume Writing

Now that you’ve reviewed the list of tips for resume writing, you’re ready to write your career objective statement.

This statement will help you write the types of career objective statements that capture the attention of recruiters. If you’re interested in learning more about how to write a great resume, stay up to date with the blog articles that are posted on this website each week.