How to Control Your Emotions

People react to emotions differently depending on whether they impact you positively or negatively. Through emotions, you can experience some important occasions in life. For instance, that feeling of falling in love will always bring the best emotions out of you. People always express their emotions during happy moments which also brings out your best. Tears of joy for instance are when you have expressed your emotions beyond your expectation. If left unchecked, uncontrolled emotional feelings or negative emotional impact can affect your health. This can lead to many health conditions such as depression, anxiety, loss of sleep, substance abuse, stress issues, and muscle and joint pains.

Don’t React Immediately to Situations

Controlling your feelings and emotions can be an uphill task as such feelings are bound to happen naturally. It is always important to understand your context whenever you are in a situation that you might react immediately. For instance, if you are in an argument with a person or friend, it is good to hold onto your emotions because you might end up hurling insults that you might regret later. Imagine a situation where you have a strict and nagging boss at your place of work? As an employee, you are bound to control your emotions whenever you are confronted with the boss because any exchange of words might lead to termination of employment. These are some of the situations that emotional control is very critical. Helen Schifter prides herself on exercising yoga that keeps her mind relaxed and her body at ease.

Seek Divine Guidance and Counseling

More often than not we are pushed to seek divine guidance from God whenever we are faced with problems. Praying for a breakthrough in a situation is very important and will surely help you overcome the situation through faith. Christians and believers will turn to the bible and seek for divine intervention to overcome some emotional moments. It is also encouraging to share your problem with an expert or a counselor. These are professional people who will advise and guide you through a given situation.

Finding your way out of an emotional situation should be your priority. Learn to build on the mistake you learn and capitalize on every opportunity to suppress any emotional conditions that may want to take you back. Always know your weakest point when it comes to people hurting you emotionally, through this, you will be able to build a defense and control your feelings. There are those indicators that always trigger your emotional response. It is important to identify them and learn to forgive them which will give you a hold on your emotions. People who might cause emotional distress are your friends, family members, colleagues at work among others. Helen Schifter is a well-known and established editor of Hearst and Condé Nast in the US. She lives in New York and has been instrumental in advocating for mental health awareness.