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How to Build An All-Service Car Dealership

Car dealerships can generate massive amounts of revenue annually. Selling cars will be a huge part of the revenue, so building an incredible sales team is important. Being able to sell a majority of the inventory each month will take hard work and organization. The sales team being rewarded for high sales numbers will attract some of the top sales professionals in the area. Building an all-service car dealership makes sense if you are wanting to expand revenue streams. This will include repairs, bodywork, paint jobs, and windshield replacement. The following are tips to build out these areas of the dealership in the best way possible.

Windshield Replacement 

Partnering with a top windshield replacement and repair company makes sense. This can drive leads to the dealership and replacement company simultaneously. These professionals need to be mobile as driving with a damaged windshield impedes the view of the road. Far too many people try to handle windshield repair on their own. This is a quick process when you enlist the help of a professional. Take time to take a look at different companies in the area and partner with a high-quality one as this will directly impact the dealership’s reputation.

Versatile Mechanic Team

The mechanics that are employed should be trained to work on a number of car types. This can include exotic cars if they are offered at the dealership. Not all mechanics work on these types of cars due to the risk of making a mistake or it not being viable to employ a mechanic that handles these cars. You want to be the go-to dealership for repairs for all types of cars. The pricing being competitive matters, but guaranteeing that parts/labor will be of the highest quality is also important. A number of people visit dealerships as they know they will get fair pricing. Private mechanics could charge an immense amount for labor or parts if a person knows little to nothing about cars. 

The ability to store a number of parts for commonly owned vehicles is important. People would go to a private mechanic but these businesses rarely have everything in stock. Customers will want their car on the road as soon as possible in most circumstances. Nobody wants to wait a few days for a part to come in when a dealership already has the part in their stock room. 

Custom Paint Jobs/Bodywork

Custom paint jobs are popular with some people that have unique cars. Bodywork being completed will require painting professionals. Guaranteeing jobs and showing examples of jobs that have been completed can help sell a customer on unique looking paint jobs. Bodywork is important as accidents do happen and pricing needs to be competitive. Charging too much can send customers elsewhere as they likely will have mechanical repairs done as well. 

Being the one-stop-shop for all auto needs in the area as people want convenience. Take the time to build your dealership up by focusing on customer satisfaction and competitive pricing. Do not give customers a reason to go elsewhere by focusing on their needs/desires.