How Often Should People Attend Church?

How Often Should People Attend Church?

For months, COVID shut down in-person church services all over the United States. However, in the later months of the pandemic, which is still raging due to numerous variants, Father George Rutler has held daily masses at his church in New York City.

While he promoted social responsibility, wearing masks and social distancing, Father Rutler has continued to offer daily opportunities to seek the Lord. He continues to encourage parishioners to attend church in a responsible manner.

However, that still leaves the reader begging the question? How often should people go to church?

Some individuals attend on a weekly basis as their church tradition holds. Some attend church services multiple times per week. Some attend monthly. Some attend only on holidays such as Raster and Christmas.

We are definitely living in tumultuous times. The economy is in a state of chaos; many are still not back at work. Some locales will not allow for in-person services. However, church could be a place for people to find some peace in these unprecedented times.

Individuals like Father George Rutler would likely recommend at least a weekly attendance at church; however, some individuals would benefit from the ability to come multiple times each week. Even if a person doesn’t participate in a daily mass; being able to come to the church and pray could provide a means of feeling peaceful in these perilous times.

Doctors relate that people suffering from a health crisis seem to have a better outlook when they have some type of spiritual beliefs. Often, these individuals see prayer as a means of releasing stress and coping with tough treatment regimens. The same could be said for individuals dealing with the pandemic, job uncertainty, and financial instability that has resulted from COVID-19.

One reason people could benefit from regular attendance to church services is, at the very least, the presence of a routine could provide some stability in the world’s topsy-turvy instability. Attending church regularly also provides a means of some social interaction, even when social distancing is practiced. These two benefits are often key to mental health, something the pandemic has greatly affected.

Attending church regularly could lead to the ability to participate in charitable works that can’t help but make people feel better amid the pandemic. The ability to work, for instance, making supply runs for shut-ins, gives people a bit of purpose, and it often makes one thankful for the things we DO have.

The ability to get to know one’s priest or pastor is also another benefit to regular church attendance. Priests and pastors are also often counselors, and they assist in problems with everyday life as well as issues with one’s marriage. A pastor or priest can and will pray with you. In these tumultuous times, some find that they aren’t sure how or what to pray. A pastor often knows how to assist people in pertinent scripture and in prayers when people aren’t quite sure how to do so.
Although Father George Rutler does not give a solid number of times one should attend church, if one’s health and work schedule allows, attending church regularly has many spiritual and psychological benefits.