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How Business Has Changed in Various Industries Due to the Pandemic

The Coronavirus has required the need for a new normal socially and professionally. Business has changed all over the world with restaurants being limited to tables that can have customers seated. Gyms are requiring masks and simply are not convenient to exercise in during peak hours. The ability to adapt allowed some businesses to survive and possibly thrive during this tough time. Bringing in revenue during this time can allow a business to stay afloat even if revenue levels have decreased dramatically. The following are how the following industries have changed due to the pandemic.


Telemedicine is an area of healthcare that truly thrived due to the pandemic. Telehealth services were once billed differently from physical visits but this has changed since the pandemic. There have been quite a few restrictions on doctors practicing telemedicine across state lines. There was a time where the doctor needed a license in each state their patients were residing. Telemedicine helps keep people safe as not all visits to the doctor need to be physically. The elimination of the commute to the office and waiting rooms helps keep patients safe. Telehealth services have quite a few advantages in terms of preventative care when it comes to huge health events like a stroke.

Real Estate

Real estate changed due to a number of home buyers and sellers not wanting to have physical contact with others. The last thing that quite a few sellers wanted was people in their homes especially if they touch certain furniture. The real estate industry did see a huge increase in video home tours. People that needed to relocate or purchase a home could use the video tour to make an offer. Seeing the home physically can wait until a buyer is seriously interested in a property. Quite a few buyers see homes due to wanting to see all of the options rather than true interest in a property.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing professionals are notorious for working remotely throughout the world. The agencies that these professionals work for are more likely now than ever before to offer permanent remote roles. A number of people in all industries are considering the possibility of leaving large cities. Lockdowns caused people to rethink what is important to them in terms of where they live. Big cities can be exciting but extremely restrictive in times of emergency. Remote roles have allowed people outside of these marketing hubs to find great jobs without having to relocate.

Freelance Roles

Freelance roles have erupted in volume due to the pandemic. There were so many companies that had to let staff go due to a loss in overall revenue. These companies might have a need for work to be done but cannot pay a full-time employee. Freelancers that are great at what they do can earn an immense amount if they are willing to put in the long hours.

Business is changing and will continue to change outside of times of the pandemic. Businesses that refuse to adapt will see themselves become obsolete over time.