Healthy Ways to Release Frustration

Healthy Ways to Release Frustration

The Frustration

In today’s fast paced world, one is sure to experience frustration on some level or another. The 2020 Pandemic alone caused much frustration for all as many different emergency situations occurred, job and work adjustments and changes came into play; not to mention, even kids experienced much frustration due to the many changes with schools and education. Through it all, there had to have been moments of frustration that seemed unbearable. Hopefully, most dealt with it in healthy ways. And, as the pandemic continues on varying levels for most or just plain everyday issues that arise to cause frustration, one should consider the importance of releasing frustration in healthy ways as Diego Ruiz Duran thinks this is a necessity. Therefore, here are some tips on healthy ways to release frustration.

Healthy Release

1. One of the first tips that is very popular for some and even comes naturally in some frustrating situations is to let it all out by crying. Crying is such a healthy way to release frustration as it simply can work wonders as it frees up that bottled frustrated energy. Crying gives that frustration a way of escape so that one can breathe. And, speaking of breathing, check out the next tip.

2. Yeah, tip number two is all about breathing. Taking a deep breath in a frustrating moment can quickly work wonders and if one were to take on deep breathing exercised on a regular basis, many benefits can be reaped. There is no way to discuss all of the benefits of taking a breath or practicing deep breathing exercises at this moment; however, to mention just a few, deep breathing calms down anxiety as it slows the heart rate as the body gets more oxygen which in turn winds down the brain. Hormones are balanced as cortisol levels are lowered as an endorphin rush is increased in the body. Also, deep breathing improves immunity as oxygen is freshly inhaled, carbon dioxide and toxins are exhaled. And, oxygenated blood helps vital organs run and function better which includes the immune system. Deep breathing can be viewed as a natural way to relieve toxins out of the body and even a natural painkiller (again, due to that endorphin rush). As previously stated there is no way all of the healthy benefits of deep breathing exercises can be covered here. Moving on.

3. Talk it out. Even if there is no one to actually share the frustration with, talking out loud, simply getting it out is another healthy way to release frustration. Just hearing oneself truly helps. Again, releasing whatever it is that is bottled up can free up space in the mind and body. And, that frustrated energy has to go.
4. If one is not a talker, then consider writing it out. The overwhelming frustrating information in the mind can be all cleared up most times by writing it all out. Writing can give a new and fresh perspective. Once written and reviewed, one can see things in a different way as Diego Ruiz Duran agrees.