Can You Give Yourself a Free Education Online?

Knowledge is power – but does it all need to come from a traditional brick and mortar university? Not these days – especially if an expensive degree doesn’t guarantee you a job in the workforce. How expensive is college in relation to everything else in our lives? Far beyond the costs of inflation. On average, college costs have tripled in less than 20 years. It’s time to give yourself a free online education.

These days, so much of the world’s knowledge is available for line – and in many instances for free. You just need to know where to look. Websites for self-learning include university websites with free courses such as MIT and Harvard, and aggregate sites that collect the best courses such as College Cliffs. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) include the author’s favorite, LinkedIn Learning. Expert made courses are also in abundance, including Khan Academy, Udemy, and TED-Ed. 

There are even a number of fields that lend to being advantageous if you are self-taught. These include coding, data analysis, and marketing. Tools exist to assist you in self learning such as Code Academy, Bay Valley Tech, Skill Share, and Pluralsight.

The future is bright for all – not just those that go to a traditional college. Learn more about how to give yourself a free college level education online in the visual deep dive below.

How To Give Yourself A College-Level Education For Free Online
Source: CollegeCliffs