Fitness and Health Matter

Helen Schifter has been active in promoting the idea that there needs to be a reawakening in America in terms of many of our citizens’ priorities. The day-to-day priorities shouldn’t merely revolve around career and professional pursuits. That’s not to belittle or marginalize the significance of one working on developing his or her career path. Of course that matters; and of course ensuring that one is able to provide for his or her family is of critical significance and importance. That cannot be discounted.

But it  also should not be pursued at the expense of all other variables. For example, there are many that focus solely on professional and career pursuits no matter the consequences or what they may be neglecting in the process. Family and their personal or social lives are not even factors that some consider when engaging in their professional work, in their day-to-day routines. This is problematic and can have truly devastating consequences in the long term. For that reason there needs to be a dramatic reorientation of priorities among those individuals in corporate America that pursue and view things through this lens. 

Helen Schifter has shared much insights about this issue on a slew of different platforms to ensure that awareness of the issue is maximized, at that there isn’t any distractions that one encounters along the way. And that’s such an integral part in all of this. There needs to be an effort on the part of policy lawmakers in Washington and at the state level to shed a much needed light on this issue, its gravity and scope. 

There also needs to be an effort at coalescing around the message on the part of people of influence and prominence who have readerships and followings among the masses that are loyal and inclined to listen to their core messages. For this reason, Schifter’s idea of amassing an influencer campaign that seeks to drive home this message is one that should be admired, lauded and commended. There needs to be more of an effort and resources expended to emphasize the importance of these issues in the public domain. 

There are so many influencers in this social and digital media age we find ourselves in, who have the ability to influence the minds and decision-making processes of young people with a mere tweet or message posted on their Instagram accounts. This is something that should be leveraged for constructive purposes. Especially when considering the importance and significance of this message, there’s no reason why these influencers’ power and authority should not be taken into account in a significant fashion. 

There is no substitute for one’s physical, emotional and mental health. That has to be the message at the core of any such prospective campaign that is driven home and transmitted in as effective a fashion as possible. In order for it  to be well received, the influencers need to be carefully selected according to the demographic groups that they will be able to appeal to, and more. This should be done in a delicate but sophisticated fashion. 

Helen Schifter has proactively communicated this message in order for it  to be seen, heard and viewed by as many people as humanly possible. It’s in the public interest for the message to be sure to be well received and to resonate with the public in a meaningful way. Members of society of all stripes, colors and backgrounds should hear it  and internalize it . There needs to be  a great deal of compassion that is factored into the way this message is communicated.

In order for it  to be heard in a meaningful fashion, it  needs to be properly couched in terms of its language; and also to be transmitted vis a vis media that are well-heard and read. These should be not limited in terms of the outlets and the medium’s nature. For instance, print, digital and broadcast media (both television and radio) should be part and parcel of any prospective media relations campaign that seeks to get this message across to the masses. There should be absolutely no limitations imposed on the ability to get this message out to as many people as possible. Lives are literally on the line; and continue to be. For this reason there needs to be an understanding and recognition of the importance of this matter. Budgetary and other forms of financial constraints cannot get in the way or hamper our ability to save and rescue the health and wellness of the next generation.