finding the hidden threat

Finding the Hidden Threat

It seems like you can’t skim through the news headlines these days without hearing about the latest data breach, ransomware, DDOS attack or some other kind of cyber attack. Rather than just the same old doom and gloom, it would be good to hear more about what we could do in order to be proactive to cyber attacks. But how? By finding the hidden threat.

We need to train to learn how to be more vigilant in finding hidden vulnerabilities and threats. Sometimes they are in plain sight and we just don’t have our eyes open and senses heightened to find them. To find threats, you need to have a mixture of data as well as human expertise. 

If we use basketball as an example, while most sports analysts focus on mere vanity metrics, there are more impactful statistics they should be watching, such as the 50-40-90 metric. This occurs when players have a season with at least 50% field goal percentage, 40% 3 point percentage, and 90% free throw percentage – a feat that has only happened for 9 NBA and 1 WNBA players in history.

Consider that 97% of people cannot identify a sophisticated phishing email – your enterprise is at significant risk. Learn more about finding the hidden threat in the visual deep dive below.

Tobias Harris – Identifying the hidden threat