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Feeling Distracted? Here’s Why

In the age of rapid-fire information at the touch of a screen, we are constantly bombarded with myriad things that demand our attention. So much so that the human mind wanders 47% of the day. On that same day, we would receive over 10,000 marketing messages and up to 80 phone notifications. This lack of focus is more costly than we think. Email and phone call distractions lead to a temporary 10-point drop in IQ. The loss in time due to digital distractions, costs over $10,000 per person per year. Moreover, these distractions have raised the most sleep-deprived generation in history. Studies point out that 3 out of 5 adults say that they are more tired than they have ever been. 

Naturally, the common solution for these problems is the consumption of caffeine products. People consume millions of liters of caffeine and sugar in an attempt to enhance focus. That being said, it’s time to face the uncomfortable fact that caffeine provides energy but not focus. Caffeine can alter sleep schedules by reducing total sleep time by 1 hour. It can also decrease productivity, increase drowsiness, lowers mental awareness, and reduces reaction times. Even worse is that 10% of consumers metabolize caffeine so quickly that they don’t even experience the benefits of caffeine intake. It’s time to look forward, and to alternatives that give not only energy but the focus needed to function. Learn more about focus drinks in the infographic below:

How Focus Can Improve Your Life
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