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Favorite Candle Scents

Helen Schifter believes a candle can make a house a home. When the atmosphere may seem a bit off or lacking a certain something, the lush aroma of a jar candle can be the cherry on the cake. Does this domestic goddess have a preference? She certainly does!

A Certain Finesse

There is a scent that comes to mind when it comes to creating a warm space. Schifter has grown quite fond of Chesapeake Bay’s Mind & Body in Serenity & Calm. It reminds her of the finest herbal garden with its luxurious lavender and earthy thyme. This is the type of candle that can appeal to anyone. It has the right amount of feminine and masculine energy to balance a room. Whether it was a hard day at the office, a trying day with relatives, in need of a mood softener, freshening the room after the stench of a garbage bin, or any number of issues, this candle will definitely bring about some peace.

How Helen Schifter Enjoys Serenity & Calm

After a nice workout, there’s nothing more pleasant to Shifter than Chesapeake Bay’s Serenity & Calm. She likes to curl up with a book, a nice smoothie and Serenity & calm gently flickering in the background. Since she prefers natural, she is all aglow over the essential oils used to create this masterpiece in a jar. Why essential oils? They’re not synthetic. This compliments her preferences. No strange methods or items to extract the most unnatural scents and she likes to keep it that way. When she is cooking her favorite dishes, she likes to feel inspired. Slightly before she embarks on her culinary venture, she lights the candle to help her brainstorm. Fortunately, lavender is like a tonic for the nerves. She says it can help relax someone before they cook a meal for their beloved. Who knows? They’ll probably fall in love with the candle, too.

Splish Splash

It’s been a long day. She has completed all her tasks. What’s next? A soak of course! After dropping an herbal bath bomb in her tub, she lights her Serenity & Calm candle for an added nudge into a new realm of relaxation. It does the trick each time. She likes to throw on her favorite music, close her eyes and drift. Why not? There’s no one to disturb her. Why is this ritual necessary? She knows the benefits of being mindful and tranquil. Life is short and often stressful – why add weight to what is there? While she slips into her favorite pajamas, she has brought the candle in with her. As it glows brightly, it adds an ambiance that is unmistakable. Like all responsible adults, the flame must be extinguished to keep in line with safety.

Helen Schifter can go on about Chesapeake Bay’s Serenity & Calm but she hopes the reader would take the leap. A candle is always on the list. Please try this one today!