Fall Activities To Do This Year

Fall Activities To Do This Year

As the leaves start to fall, here are some Fall activities Helen Lee Schifter would recommend.

Hike at a local park

Hiking at a local park puts one closer to nature, with fresh air and warm sunshine. Hiking at a local park also puts one closer to the town or city, because one is supporting local parks by being there. Obviously, hiking is exercise, which has numerous benefits.

Roast pumpkin seeds

Roasting pumpkin seeds is a cheap, fun, and unique fall activity. There are many ways to roast pumpkin seeds, but each result gives a fresh fall scent to the home. They are also very yummy! This is a nut-free alternative to chestnuts.

Roast chestnuts

Roasting chestnuts, like pumpkin seeds, fills the home with a fresh autumn scent. They are also fun to eat. The internet has many ways to roast chestnuts and make them as scrumptious as possible!

Decorate the home, mantle, or room for fall

Decorating a home, mantle, or room for fall brings the place to life. The internet is full of creative and cost-effective ways to decorate the place. The possibilities are endless!

DIY a pumpkin spice latte

This classic fall beverage can be crafted in many ways, and can be cheaper than getting one at a coffee place. The internet has many recipes to make the pumpkin spice latte as delicious as possible, from dairy-free to low-calorie versions. The ingredients include pumpkin puree, coffee, milk, and fall spices such as pumpkin spice and cinnamon.

Complete an autumn craft

There are many ways to craft something for autumn, from painting or carving pumpkins to using magazine clippings to craft a fall-themed scrapbook. Collect acorns to put in a decorated Pringles can or use fallen leaves for a design. Enhance creativity today with these activities!

Visit a Farmer’s Market

Visiting a farmer’s market supports local business. Visitors also get to enjoy the smell of fresh produce, appreciate local farmers, and find cool products.

Sip warm apple cider

There are many ways people can enjoy apple cider, but the best way is to enjoy it warm. The internet has many ways to spice up warm apple cider.

Hang a handmade wreath on the door

Hanging a handmade wreath on the door gives the home a welcoming feeling as well as a sense of the fall season. Bring the home to life by hanging a handmade wreath on the door. The internet has tons of ways to customize a handmade wreath.

Knit a scarf

Knitting brings a lot of benefits, including increased well-being, reduced anxiety and depression, and improved fine motor skills. Knitting a scarf can become a fun hobby or a lucrative business. Donating scarves to people in need is another benefit to knitting a scarf. There are so many color combinations to knit a scarf with, so try knitting a scarf today!

The above were ways people can enjoy fall, as recommended by Helen Lee Schifter. Make this fall a memorable one by trying these activities!