Entrepreneur Keith Orie Explains How to Build Helpful Habits

Helpful habits can change your life, making the difference between lack of fulfillment and success. This guide describes how to create habits that continually move you closer to your goals and increase well-being. Here, a successful entrepreneur Keith Orie explains why it’s necessary to set goals and break them into small, doable steps and provides examples.

A famous adage says, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” This accurate statement highlights the fact that goals are a prerequisite for making our dreams come true. But how do we accomplish our life goals?

Incremental change

As many time-management gurus emphasize, “if you are going to eat an elephant, eat it bite at a time,” meaning that even the most difficult tasks can be done with a little strategy. Instead of making a drastic change in your lifestyle, try developing small habits one by one. This way, there is a higher probability that you will stick to your newly developed habits rather than getting frustrated that you can’t achieve your big ambitious goal. Incremental change is always more impactful long-term rather than the spikes of activity followed by negligence.


Dreams come to fruition as the direct result of achieving goals, and goals are accomplished by the repetition of incremental steps toward the desired result. These repeated incremental steps are the result of good habits. The direct correlation between developing good habits and achieving life’s most fulfilling hopes and dreams is undeniable.

There is only one way to create a habit. That is through repetition. Some studies suggest that behavior repeated daily for 21 days will become a habit. Other studies’ findings may vary slightly, but the idea is straightforward; creating a habit, for good or ill, results from daily repetition.


To achieve your most sought after dreams, set goals. Identify what accomplishments will make it possible for you to realize your dream. Those are your goals. Determine what you need to do each day to reach your goals. And stick with these repeated activities until they become a deeply ingrained habit.

As you identify which habits will lead to your dreams’ fulfillment, you are well on your way. It will take work. Creating good habits is not always easy. You will, from time to time, feel discouraged, and want to give up. Don’t. Keep repeating those daily actions until they become second nature. Once these actions become habits, you will find it becomes easy to stick with it.


Many people resist creating new and healthy habits because they feel they don’t have enough time or energy. Don’t fall for this self-defeating mindset. Each of us invests time and expends energy each day doing things that are not helpful toward accomplishing our goals. Many times these negative actions are in opposition to our goals.

Replace poor and harmful habits with good habits. You will find you still have plenty of time and energy to live your life, and you will find comfort and motivation in the fact that you are closer to your goals and living your dreams each and every day.

About Keith Orie

Keith Orie is a certified professional life coach in Temple, Texas, and an Advanced Medical Sales, LLC owner. He started the company to give patients a chance to live a life not dependent on pain relief medication or invasive procedures. Providing medical professionals access to an extensive range of top-of-the-line durable medical equipment helps provide patients with adequate pain relief treatment.