Electric Vehicles: The Future is Here

Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, we have explored for oil all over the world, in order to keep up with the ever-growing demand for gasoline and diesel fuel that powers the global infrastructure. We are happy to inform you that the electric vehicle is constantly being improved and developed to provide clean energy with zero emissions.

Government Initiatives

Governments around the world realise the importance of the electric vehicle and are therefore encouraging private investment both in R&D and the manufacture of EVs. In Thailand, there is a corporation by the name of UGO, which is committed to developing EVs for a wide range of Thai industries.

The Hospitality Sector

Electric shuttle vehicles play a major role in transporting people in resorts and real estate developments, where potential clients can be ferried to view plots of land or finished properties. The electric vehicle is ideal because it can simply be plugged in when not in use and there’s very little maintenance when compared to a petrol engine vehicle. Click here for tips when driving in the rain, which can be very dangerous.

Golf & Country Clubs

Luxurious gold courses have a large fleet on EVs, used as gold carts and as people-carriers; every single golf course in Thailand utilises electric golf carts, which saves the players from having to walk around 5 miles to play 18 holes. There would be a few EV charging points where multiple carts can be charged at one time, plus these vehicles are very easy to maintain, not having a complex engine.

Public Transport

It won’t be long before we see EVs replacing buses and coaches and with great developments with lithium-iron batteries, these vehicles can travel longer distances between charging. The Thai government is already negotiating with major EV manufacturers regarding EV public transport and we can expect to EV buses in every city in the coming years.

Airport Transfers

The EV is widely used at airports around the world, taking passengers and emergency staff to locations within the airport. Passengers with disabilities are ferried to their gate by one of the many EVs you see parked around the airport; the flight crew, for example, are often ferried to the aircraft when a crew change is required, plus the ground staff use EVs to carry out repairs and maintenance on the runways. EVs do not pollute the atmosphere and with so many vehicles in one place, electric power is the best option.

Real Estate

The real estate developer uses EVs to take potential investors to look at developments; there might be as many as 200 properties inside a gated community and the developer would have a fleet of electric people-carriers, all ready and waiting to take people to their destination. If you would like to view a range of EVs, search online for a manufacturer and explore the different models they have on offer.

Here is an informative article that outlines the Thai government’s policies on electric vehicles that demonstrated a desire to transform the infrastructure using clean energy. Thailand is leading the way with electric vehicles and you will continue to see more EVs on the roads.