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eBay Helps Women Succeed Despite the Pandemic

The COVID pandemic took a toll on many of us when it comes to our employment. Especially at the beginning of 2020, most of us were hit hard in one way or another. From loss of jobs to making the switch to home, which brought its own challenges, the pandemic caused us to make a shift in our thinking about where and how we’re bringing in an income. 

One of the demographics hit hardest by the realities of COVID is women. Even before the pandemic, many women were already feeling the pressures of work and home life balance, with many of the home responsibilities resting on their shoulders. When COVID drove all of us indoors, including children, women were often the ones to bear the brunt of managing the new challenges of working and learning from home. 

Not only this, but women also make up the largest percentage to work in the industries hit hardest by the pandemic. Industries such as in-store retail, hospitality, and food service suffered many layoffs during the height of the pandemic, and some have not fully recovered. 

Many women turned to selling on eBay as a reliable source of income during the pandemic, and it turned out to be an excellent solution. Selling on eBay empowers women by giving them the flexibility they need to manage all the things they have on their plates, while still being able to provide for their families. eBay is helping women to succeed and thrive.

eBay Empowering Women Through eCommerce