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Design Ideas for Your Clothing Store

The Best Décor for a Clothing Store

The décor of a clothing store is important to increase sales. Fashion editor Helen Lee Schifter asks retail clothing store owners to get creative while decorating their store. They should have a flexible approach and keep changing the décor based on the behavior of customers and the volume of sales.


Retail clothing store owners should create an inviting storefront to increase customer visits. Placing mannequins wearing the best or most attractive items in the store will pique the interest of passing customers. An attractive storefront will make die-hard window shoppers want to walk into the store to look for more.


The floor plan of the clothing store is important to increase customer traffic. If customers find it easy to shop for clothes, they will return to buy more. The floor plan should suit the size of the store. The floor plan should make finding products easy for customers and the floor plan should accommodate the unique needs of the type of customers who shop for clothes at the store.

Quantity of Products

Placing a large number of products on display for customers to view is a proven method of increasing sales. Customers will enjoy shopping for a wide range of clothing styles and colors if they can find them easily in the store. If the store is a high-end boutique, fewer products will mean higher sales because the type of customer is looking for unique one-of-a-kind clothes.


A well-lit retail clothing store will invite increased customer traffic. Different types of lighting can accentuate areas where specific styles of clothes are displayed. Lighting also helps customers find clothing colors easily. Customers will take a second look at products if the lighting helps them find clothes easily.

Dressing Room

Customers enjoy trying clothes in a roomy and well-lit dressing room with many mirrors. Dressing rooms with shelving and storage for handbags and coats while the customer tries on clothes will increase sales. Some stores provide ample seating space for customers and their companions so that customers not only make the best clothing choice but return to shop for more.


Placing accessories that go well with the clothes displayed near the display will help customers shop for more. Placing scarves, bags, coats or sweaters near a range of dresses will tempt customers to pair the dress with matching accessories and increase sales. Placing clothes and accessories in the same display will also increase sales because customers can see how the clothes and accessories would look when placed together.


Changing the display according to customer behavior will increase sales. A stagnant display could stagnate sales. The staff and management of the store should constantly observe the needs of customers and change the layout and display of the store to make them comfortable. The décor of a retail clothing store plays an important role in increasing sales, says well-known fashion editor, Helen Lee Schifter. A well-designed clothing retail store will not only showcase products effectively but keep changing according to the needs of customers.