Daniel Doyle Pleasantville Photographer Shares How Drones Have Changed the Industry

The photography industry continues to grow, improve and utilize technology to get better pictures. While many photographers focus on new cameras and lenses, you should consider how drones play a role in the industry. Daniel Doyle Pleasantville Photographer wants to share how drones have changed and helped the photography industry.

Get Aerial Shots

Above all else, you can get aerial shots that conventional cameras won’t provide you. This includes taking pictures high in the air, getting amazing shots of the landscape and acquiring a bird’s eye view of the scenery. By adding aerial shots into the mix, photographers have more versatility and options to get the photos people want.

Depending on the situation, some of your clients may want to get shots out of your reach. While you could use a ladder or reach a higher elevation, you won’t have as many options as you would with a drone. In short, drones have made it significantly easier for photographers to get high-quality aerial shots.

Photos While Social Distancing

Since we now live in a world where a pandemic occurred, people will be more mindful about diseases and social distancing. Depending on the situation, you may need to take pictures of clients while social distancing, or your clients may not feel comfortable with getting close to people. Due to this, photographers can address this potential issue by using drones.

Photographers can take family photos without getting anywhere near other people if they utilize drones. This gives families the opportunity to get the pictures they want without worrying about diseases or other problems. This means drones can help photographers continue to work in the industry despite illnesses and other problems.

Take Action Shots

Many clients will want to take action shots, which usually involves them doing something or participating in a sport. For example, you may have some people that want you to take pictures during football, but what about people that want a picture of them rock climbing or surfing?

If you use a drone, you can take pictures previously impossible. For example, you can get an overhead picture of a mountain biker, take pictures of a rock climber while matching their elevation and even get solid shots of a person performing parkour. This will allow photographers to take awesome pictures without putting themselves in dangerous situations.

Get the Exact Photos People Want

Some clients will ask photographers for difficult shots and some of them will be impossible without a drone. By utilizing a drone, you can give your clients some excellent and unique photos. This will depend on what they want, but it will provide you with more versatility to properly meet their needs.

For example, some clients may want a shot from their balconies, but the balcony may face a cliff. Clients could request pictures that require angles that you can’t stand at, so drones will allow you to take those pictures without issue. This allows members of the industry to make their clients happy, which will lead to more business.

Check Roofs and Damages

Many businesses and homeowners need to check their roofs after a storm or similar situation. Getting on the roof and checking it can be difficult, dangerous and scary, so hiring a photographer with a drone would help. This way, no one has to get on the roof to look at the situation since that could end up hurting someone.

By taking photos of the situation, you can not only inform clients about the damages, but you can show them what they need to deal with. Doing so will allow your clients to understand the severity of the situation, so they will know that they need to take action to fix it. This visualization will help with communication among clients and photographers in the industry.

Look at Properties

Keep in mind that drones can help with other types of property. For example, someone may want to check different parts of their land, but they may not have the time to look through it themselves. After all, some businesses and clients may own so much land that they can’t realistically check the areas on their own.

This will give you the opportunity to fly around the land and find potential problems, sights or anything else an owner should know about. On top of this, if something dangerous happened in the area, you can survey it and take pictures without unnecessary risks. This makes it easier to check on landscapes and nearby areas.

Take Wildlife Pictures Without Risk

Going off the previous topic, you may want to take pictures of different wildlife in the area. However, if someone wants a picture of a bear or mountain lion, you could put yourself in dangerous situations if you try to take pictures of them. On the other hand, a drone will allow you to snap pictures without putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to use drones to take pictures of wildlife in the area. While your drone could get damaged if you get too close to wildlife, you won’t have to put anyone at risk. This allows the industry to get more wildlife shots without worrying about injuries or death.

When you consider what Daniel Doyle Pleasantville Photographer wants to share about drones, it becomes clear that drones will continue to play a major role in photography. They give photographers more versatility, angles and options that traditional cameras can’t provide. Make sure you check out drones to see how they can help you with pictures.