Custom Website Design vs Using a Theme

While it comes to building the website, your web design matters. Whereas it is true function & content play an important role in user experience, but, a fact stays that people have now come to expect the most attractive designs while navigating the internet. Fortunately, if you select WordPress as the Content Management System, functionality and design will go in hand. From 172 million active websites today, just 75 million of them are making use of WordPress. As the WordPress site owner, you will realize quickly you have a little decision to make on your design. Namely, would you opt for the WordPress theme or custom website design? In today’s guide, we are going to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of both thus you will select that is good for your requirements, budget, as well as the audience.

Tired of the site looking the same as everybody else in the industry? At website design Auckland, we hear you! With the custom site design, we design your website as well as tailor this to fit your requirements. Nobody can mistake your site for the competitor’s site as it is totally unique for you.

What are the benefits of using the WordPress theme?

• Customizable – Despite the right idea these are some amazing solutions, they are surprisingly customizable. You will likely have freedom of changing things like the font, layout, text size, colors, and lots more to brand the website as per your requirements.

• Much cheaper –While it comes about cost, you cannot beat using the theme. Most of the paid themes will be priced between $10 to $100, and it makes them the best fit for the businesses of various sizes.

• Faster – Installing the WordPress theme is very simple as some clicks. When you customize the theme, you are good to go within minutes.

• No skills required– WordPress themes need no coding and design skills.

• Long-term support – Most of the themes (particularly paid themes) generally come with the long-term web developer support with no extra cost. This means you do not need to worry about WordPress updates and changes impacting your site negatively.

• SEO friendly – The majority of the WordPress themes generally come with ready-made search engine optimization solutions. Even though the theme you select is not fully optimized for the SEO, there’re many good SEO plugins that are available for WordPress.

• Scalable –As WordPress themes are made to work fast and with various websites, they are simple to scale. You may easily add some new pages as well as content without even worrying about building new designs.

Benefits of the Custom Designs

The custom-built sites by web design Auckland generally involve the team behind this business. It begins with the creative procedure to know who is the target audience, and who would you like to reach, or how you need this website to function or how would you like to look online.

• The website may have a unique design that can incorporate the company’s branding & will be based on the requirements of the business.

• The website will be tested to work over various browsers.

• The customized site is adaptable for your company’s requirements 

• The customized site is expensive than the template.

• The website can be made to be user engine friendly.

• The website can grow with the business. Suppose you know how much you want your website to work operate in the future, a professional website developer can install the technologies that can work with these ideas.

• A company that makes your website is for support in case you want it.

• The process to design a custom website takes much longer than the template website.