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Creativity Fostered in Photography

Ken Kurson has had a somewhat versatile background in terms of the various industries his career has spanned. The experiences he has had have led him to cultivate insights that he otherwise wouldn’t be able to internalize, appreciate and ultimately, share. The creativity and innovation that exists in so many industries have led to incredible advents and successes across a wide array of industries that otherwise would not come about.

According to those like Ken Kurson, there is a need for a culture of innovation to be promoted and to be aggressively sought among those interested in photography. This is a fact that is indeed a reality. If this is internalized in due time, then there will be proper comprehension of the realities of the photography industry.

Of course there are many different folks operating in the photography industry; and not all are good faith actors. But those exercising their creative muscles deserve to be rewarded, commended and lauded. For those that haven’t, are not going to be able to succeed at the same levels that others are able to.

There are ways photography is emblematic of other businesses, and the services some services providers offer. What ultimately is the distinction between skillful photography and skillful productivity? The distinction lies in the innovative muscle that’s exercised, no matter the context.

So let’s be clear. In order for there to be success, no matter the industry or business, there needs to be a recognition of the value that is posited and presented due to the innovation that exists. Photography is a space that is rapidly changing due to innovation in the technology sector. It needs to be embraced and appreciated.

As the industry changes, let’s not lose sight of what matters. Yes – indeed there needs to be an effort at adaptation; and an effort at keeping up with the rapid pace at which these innovations are accelerating business and industries. But there also needs to be a recognition of the value embarked upon.