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Creating Your Own Career Path

Creating a career path that one will enjoy can happen at any time in someone’s life. Changing career paths at any time is normal as well. Many successful people change careers at some point in their life. Some examples of successful career changes:

  • Joy Behar- a teacher
  • Walt Disney- a newspaper editor
  • Brad Pitt- a limo driver for dancers
  • Harrison Ford- a carpenter full time
  • Vera Wang- a journalist and figure skater
  • Stephen King- a highschool janitor
  • Martha Stewart- a full time model and Wall Street stockbroker
  • Whoopi Goldberg- a funeral home hair and makeup artist

Whether someone’s interests or skills change, or whether they get fed up or tired of doing the same thing over and over, people change. Surroundings change, times change, and most of all, life happens. The best thing anyone can do is roll with the punches.

Diego Ruiz Duran is a well-known lawyer in Mexico. He followed his lifelong passion of starting his law firm. He studied Constitutional Law on top of Criminal Law, expanding his company. Duran said, “Being a lawyer is not an easy career choice, but it was a passionate one.” He enjoys helping people and succeeding, which is why he switched to Pro Bono cases.

Planning a career is something that people should do annually. Workplaces change constantly, and people are hired and fired and change positions. Having a resume that is updated is very important in career planning. Moving up in a particular career involves being ready at all times. Jobs can open up in the blink of an eye. Please make sure to write achievements down when they happen; it will serve you well.

If changing career journeys, identify any skills that can transfer into another career. Writing down likes and dislikes and what the takeaway will be, helps decide which trip to take. Set new goals and dive into learning new things. Expand horizons and step out of comfort zones. Do the research. Follow dreams.

Diego Ruiz Duran is one of the best in the business. Many individuals plan to follow in his footsteps. Anyone who will follow their passion or dreams will be one of the most successful in the industry. When doing something that one can enjoy daily is a success all in itself.

So remember, it’s never too late. There is always a perfect time. Do what feels good. Enjoy life while it’s worth living. Passion and dreams come in many different forms. Think of changing careers as a new chapter in the book. Some books have a couple of chapters, and others have many. Be the best at the path of choice, and people will follow in the footsteps. Like Duran said, “It may not be easy, but it can be a passionate one. Choose the path of least resistance. Like all the others that took a chance and jumped into their passion and dreams, it could be one of the best decisions ever made.