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Creating a Purpose-Driven Business

Going far beyond the ordinary with a purpose-driven business

The CEO and Medical Director of Spine and Sports Rehabilitation in Islandia, NY, Dr. Jordan Sudberg firmly believes in having a purpose-driven business and he urges any entrepreneur worth their salt to follow suit.

Going significantly past just selling goods or services

You see, Dr. Sudberg has learned that having a reason for a businesses existence matters a great deal to customers and that 9 times out of 10, they can sense, whether it is in a brochure, the company website, or even a Facebook Ad whether the company really has the customers best interest at heart.

Providing crystal clear clarity

One of the biggest benefits of a purpose-driven business is that it provides absolute clarity as to how a business should hold itself to consumers. The mission of the business becomes carved in stone and bedrock for how the company will treat its customers, which are the prime reason for their existence.

Be purpose-driven and you are relatable to customers.

One of the biggest problems that modern business faces is the extreme skepticism of customers.

Modern consumers have heard just too many horror stories of CEOs overstepping their boundaries and not treating their employees right, or discriminating against them either racially or sexually.

Let’s just face it, to most people, the businesses they see on the internet are just a bunch of greedy, money-grabbing, Ponzi schemes.

So, Dr. Jordan Sudberg believes that a business has to do a lot to demonstrate that they are actually of service to people and are their best choice for either products or services.

So you not only have to have a clear vision of your business, but you have to be able to break down your business into plain, simple language that people can relate to.

What do you do to eliminate people’s pain? What steps do you take to better the environment? Are you really happy that someone has become your customer? Do you welcome complaints as an opportunity to improve your business, or do you view complaints just as a pain in the butt that you hope will blow away?

Your attitude toward your customers speaks volumes, and you can’t try to fake it. Customers will quickly discern the difference.

Make service the very essence of your business and make sure your employees follow suit.

Service should be the very lifeblood of your business, and not only should you speak about it, but every employee should be a living embodiment of service.

Start every staff meeting by emphasizing this, and communicate in no uncertain terms, that your company is here to serve, and reiterate exactly how they do that.

Offer raises not just on sales statistics but overall customer satisfaction. Make it a habit to personally call at least 10 customers a week, preferably at a staff meeting, thanking them for their business and inquiring how your company can better serve them.

In essence, with a purpose-driven business, you clearly demonstrate to every employee and every customer that you sincerely care.