Communications is Changing

The value of good public relations cannot be quantified properly. The reality is that communication channels need to be employed properly in order to ensure businesses of all sizes can communicate their message in a coherent and effective manner. The value of good communication cannot possibly be overstated for this reason; and the recent Coronavirus pandemic and the businesses that have naturally been plagued by them are illustrative of the importance of public relations. 

Josh Nass on Pinterest has explained this in greater detail. The value of being able to effectively communicate with a business’ various constituencies, including ones consumers, is irreplaceable. During the pandemic for instance, there were a myriad of businesses, especially in the retail space, that did not have the proper communication channels in place to be able to effectively navigate the tenuous waters of the pandemic. 

For example, they weren’t able to communicate to their consumers and to their staffs in ways that were efficient. This in some cases proved to be economically and financially devastating. It’s tragic; but it’s a reality. And the public relations industry needs to do a better job of educating and informing general business owners of the need for developing such effective communication channels to prevent this mistake from happening again. 

Josh Nass on Instagram has aggressively sought to communicate this message to business owners of all shapes and sizes. Whether one is a small, medium or large scale business, the need for effectively developing one’s brand and ensuring that there’s a clear identity for the business that exists in the consumers’ minds, is integral. Public relations is the most cost effective way of building a brand of any sort – be it a business, an individual, an organization, or an institution. 

There are many changes coming to the public relations industry, that are not unique necessarily to the communications world. With the advent of digital and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and so many others, there has been a real revolution of sorts in the ways consumers consume news and messages. 

Businesses have to retool and reconfigure the way they deliver these messages in order to maintain relevance from the standpoint of their consumers, their staff members and their broader audiences writ large. During the pandemic for instance, it  was so important for managers and those in executive positions at businesses nationwide to have communication channels to be able to employ for the purpose of sharing updates however substantive, with various constituencies. Those constituencies include but are not limited to, their staffs, their customers and consumers. 

Josh Nass on The Dr Pat show preached the value of having such communication channels implemented in anticipation of any such pandemic or crisis. This message needs to resonate with more people. It  is a common misconception and fallacy that only businesses with ample financial resources can afford to have such public relations programs in place and locked and loaded. 

This is far from the truth. Public relations is something that needs to be universally accepted and embraced as a truth. Its value needs to be emphasized to all. Businesses large, medium and small. The financial resources needed to have a public relations program designed and developed are limited. They are not vast. But the effects it  can have are tremendously impactful and vast. 

Think about all the businesses and how much they could have saved and preserved in terms of resources through this pandemic and coronavirus crisis, had they had proper communication channels in place. Audiences and their various constituencies will not forget the way they were treated. Consumers need to feel valued; and proper communication can go a long way toward accomplishing that. Public relations needs to be embraced by all businesses – regardless of their size, scope and magnitude.