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Common Digital Advertising Mistakes

Common Digital Advertising Mistakes

As the digital age continues to grow, so does the number of marketing opportunities. However, not all marketing campaigns are created equal. For some, it may be more effective to focus on traditional advertising. However, many digital marketers have discovered that digital channels can be just as effective and even more efficient. In this post, we’ll explore five common digital marketing mistakes and how to avoid them, according to Alexander Djerassi.

1. Using the Wrong Platform

It is important to choose the right platform. For example, email marketing may not be the best use of their time and money when one can use social media or Facebook ads. It is important to choose the right platforms for the campaign to keep track of the results and measure the effectiveness of the campaign. If not careful, it could be difficult to measure how much money is spent on a particular digital marketing campaign due to the multiple platforms involved.

2. Not Using Analytics Properly

According to Djerassi, to determine how effective campaigns are, it is important to track their performance through analytics, including tracking conversion, engagement, and whether or not the campaign is profitable. If one is not tracking their campaigns and results, they may be throwing money at the wall in the hopes of getting something back.

3. Not Testing Your Campaigns

According to Djerassi, it’s important to test campaigns as often as possible to ensure effectiveness. Test new ideas and new approaches as often to identify which ones work best for their business and which ones do not. This will help determine the most effective way to use digital marketing for business. It will also help identify which platforms are more effective than others and cost more than others.

4. Not Being Active Online Yourself

Djerassi says it is important to be active online because you will learn more about what customers want and what they need. People can also identify new markets for their business, and you can determine which platforms may not be working for them. Being active on social media will also help you track how effective their digital marketing campaign is. Always plan out when to post content to share it with the audience at the best time for them.

5. Failing to Create Relevant Content

According to Djerassi, it is important to create content relevant to the audience. People should create content relevant to their customers so that they will be interested in what you have to offer and what you have to say. They should also create content about the things that customers are interested in to feel like they are part of the community. Creating relevant content will help connect with customers and give them a reason to buy.
Alexander Djerassi has a lot of great advice for businesses trying to use digital marketing to grow their business. He has a lot of experience working with many different companies, and you can learn a lot from his suggestions. However, businesses should make sure that they do not overlook any of the tips he mentions in his book to get the most out of their digital marketing campaigns.