Celebrating Cement: Using Concrete Throughout Your Home Decor

concrete outdoor dining table and bench

Concrete has long been a sturdy building material used to construct basements, sidewalks, and garages. While the construction industry still uses concrete for these purposes, it has grown beyond being a practical material and is now a decorative one as well. 

Just in the past few years, people have started decorating the inside of their homes with items and furniture made from concrete. They also use concrete in many practical ways indoors. Below are some examples of each of these trends.

Cement Floors

Carpet and hardwood have long been the main options for covering and decorating floors in a residential unit, but today’s homeowners have a new choice with cement floors made from concrete. Opting for this type of flooring comes with several benefits, including easy clean-up. Homeowners who install cement floors can also add as much sheen to the finish as necessary to help it appear less dull next to other types of flooring.

Concrete Shelving

When it seems like there is never enough room to store everything, concrete shelving can come to the rescue. Not only do concrete shelves help to reduce clutter, their understated tones can blend in well with the rest of a home’s décor. Shelving constructed from concrete can be as minimalist or dressed up as the homeowner would like. It all depends on whether the goal is for the concrete shelves to remain in the background as support or to stand out as strong decorative pieces on their own.

A New Way to Build a Fireplace

Brick, wood, and stone are no longer the only materials homeowners have to choose from when it comes to building and installing a fireplace. A concrete fireplace can look especially attractive as the focal point of the room when it extends from floor to ceiling. 

Putting a fireplace made from concrete in a cabin can help to complete the rustic look many people want in their home away from home.

Cement Containers for Potted Plants

Plant containers made from cement can protect them much better than the typical plastic container, especially the plant’s roots. They have also become quite stylish and seem to be a favorite item to create among independent artists.

Outdoor Furniture Made from Concrete

Sitting outside on the patio or in the backyard can be the ultimate form of relaxation. Unfortunately, that can quickly turn to frustration when outdoor chairs blow away or the card table collapses at the first sign of a strong wind. Thanks to its dense, sturdy nature, concrete has become a popular material in which to construct furniture meant for outdoor use only. 

Tables, chairs, and benches for easy group seating are especially popular. Homeowners also appreciate the fact that outdoor furniture made from concrete comes in a variety of stains and colors.

These represent just five uses of concrete in ways that people may not have previously considered. The trend of decorating with concrete has grown quickly in a short time and should continue to grow in popularity for years to come.