Business Website Tips

Business Website Tips

It is now essential for a business to have its own site. Customers will go online to find out more information about the business and the services that they offer. Alexander Djerassi understands this. There have been some trends that businesses should be aware of. According to Djerassi, these are some business website tips that will help a business with its online presence.

Easy to Use

The website should be easier to use and it should be easy to navigate. If a customer is having trouble getting around the site they are not going to try to figure it out. They are going to move on to another page. The website should load quickly. If the site is not loading or if a page is not working it should be changed. The easier the site is to use the better it will perform with customers.

Add Quality Pictures

Customers are going to want to see what the business has to offer and one of the best ways to do this is through pictures. The pictures need to be high quality and they need to clearly show the products or services being offered. They should be high resolution and they need to have the proper focus and lighting.

Website Speed

Speed is one of the most important things when developing a website. It needs to load quickly so customers do not move on. Unnecessary images and information should be removed as they will slow down the loading speed. If the pages are outdated they should also be removed.

Mobile Friendly

It is important to have a mobile-friendly site. Over half of customers use their phones to check out sites and businesses. The site should be easy to download on a phone and it should have all of the same features as the desktop version. The mobile version needs to be easy to use and it should allow a customer to browse without a problem.


Potential customers are going to want to see reviews about the business. The best way to do this is to feature testimonials from previous customers. It is important that the business has some positive reviews to attract people. A business can ask some current customers if they would write a positive review to be posted on the site.

Quality Information

The information that is posted on the site needs to be quality and factual. The information should provide something valuable to the customers. If the website is of low quality this will also hurt the ranking in the search results. Some businesses like to provide a question and answer section to further help the customers. Quality content will show that the business is an expert in their area and it will build up trust with customers. These are some tips, recommended by Alexander Djerassi, for a business to create a functional website. The website is now one of the most important ways that a business can attract customers so it is essential that it is high quality and professional.