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Choose the Best Small Business Printer Wisely

Many don’t pay enough attention to their small business printer. Why give a printer attention when everyone has a phone in their pocket? Printers are still vital to companies around the world, with half saying they cannot function without a printer. Industries such as law, auto, and healthcare print upwards of hundreds of pages per day. Printers are important for small businesses especially, with 8 in 10 small businesses around the world relying on printers to perform daily operations. 

But when these printers fail, many small business owners are forced into reactive purchases and waste precious time and money on printers that can’t fit their needs. Nearly 70% of small business owners find it difficult to source reliable office supplies, making repairs and replacements for printers even slower. Buying a consumer printer for the volumes that businesses need leads to them being quickly overwhelmed, breaking again, and setting you back even further. With printer ink costing over $10,000 a gallon, buying ink for a printer that’ll just break can be a huge loss. 

Don’t let a bad printer slow down your business. Learn about making an informed decision in choosing the best small business printer for you here:

Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought