Benefits of Prayer

Prayer can be best defined as a direct communication between human beings and God. Prayer is a very important thing to do, since it provides a number of benefits to the individual who is seeking to have a communication with God. Prayer is quite a huge promoter and booster of ensuring improved well being. By praying, human beings are able to fully get focused on God’s presence and have a level of surrender to Him, as a way of fully trusting that He will get things figured out. Because of this, situations that may otherwise have felt overburdening and stressful, are made much lighter, by the power of prayer.

Why it is Very Important to Always Pray

There is often a very big impact of the power of prayer in our lives. Praying has a way of bringing a positive impact in our lives and positively impacts our well being. This is why Father Rutler has always been so vocal in his encouragement and call to people to regularly pray. The benefits of praying, are briefly discussed below:

i)Source of strength and comfort

Prayer has a way of providing a source of strength and comfort, especially during moments when we are feeling low and downcast. This is mostly because God is very loving, perfectly good and protective in His nature.

Because of this, the person praying is therefore very likely to experience great peace and comfort emotionally, when faced with tribulation of life. This therefore removes whatever anxiety, fear or stress one may be feeling or going through. It is also important for the praying individual to have a deep belief that God is indeed so loving, kind and present for them. Having faith while praying is a very important aspect.

ii)Helps greatly in dealing with difficulties

Prayer is such a strong weapon that can be used to cope with difficult situations, by offering great calm and peace of mind. The direct communication with God has a way of reassurance to the fact thing things will get better in one way or another, no matter the storm one may be going through.

One is able to deal with whatever issues they are facing by repeating a reassuring phrase to God, or by meditating on a Bible Scripture of choice.

iii)Helps in offering some sense of connection to something that is Sacred and Greater than the human race

Prayer greatly offers a connection to God, and this has a special way of bringing so much meaning and purpose in the life of an individual. Having this great sense of connection and meaning is greatly important for the mental and physiological aspect of the human race. This is mostly because prayers can bring so much calm to one’s system and hence greatly in reducing anxiety. Father Rutler has on many occasions called upon people to seek to have a connection with our Heavenly Father through prayers.

iv)Helps individuals focus more on gratitude

Giving thanks to God for answered prayers or on matters that one is hoping for Him to fulfill helps people have a constant heart of gratitude in all that they do. Having a heart of gratitude through prayers has a way of elevating one’s moods and therefore helps in staying in a positive mental state.