Attributes of a Role Model

Being a role model is something that comes with a lot of responsibility. Having someone looking up to another person often means they will aspire to be like them, following their moves and taking inspiration from them. In order to be a productive, beneficial role model, inhabiting certain characteristics is very important. They may be hard to come by, but with people who can acquire passion, drive, and confidence, like Diego Ruiz Duran, the role model status is well deserved and well-earned overall.


Many people will look up to others in certain industries, as they may aspire to the progress they have made and the status they hold. In this way, they are looking up to the idea of passion, and how passion brings people to the career and place where they care about what they do, and how they do it. This passion may not even just be career based, but maybe in a hobby or volunteer work as well. In the world today, it is hard to find people who really care about anything. When a role model holds passion about things, it is something to easily look up to.


The drive to do something is also an important aspect of a role model. In the same way that passion can be inspiring, drive is something that isn’t seen often. Having the drive to do things, such as working one’s way up to a higher job position, creating an artistic project, pushing to reach goals, or other hard to reach accomplishments, is a hard thing to have. When someone embodies these traits, allowing them to visibly work their way up the ladder of life and achievement, it makes them a genuinely good role model to have.


Confidence is a trait that is often overlooked in the grand scheme of things. While it is not needed in everyday life, it is something that is going to take anyone far in life, as they will be able to communicate effectively with others and benefit themselves in social situations. Having confidence in oneself, their craft, and their life in general, is a generally good way to conduct an experience as a human. That being said, having a confident role model is going to push people to become better and work on themselves and being happy and secure in their own personal lives.

Being a Role Model is a Large Responsibility

Though it may seem easy, being a role model is a large feat. It may take a lot of work for people to become someone anyone else can look up to, considering it takes some characteristics that are hard to embody. With people such as Diego Ruiz Duran, passion, drive, and confidence has been hard to acquire. That being said, the attributes of a role model are hard to come by but make a role model the best they can be and make them worthy of the role model status.