Are You Making These 7 Cleaning Mistakes?

No matter how often you clean your home, or how good a job you think you’re doing of it, if you’re making any one of the seven mistakes listed below, you might need to rethink your methods:

  1. Using the same cloth or sponge 

Cloths and sponges pick up all the bacteria and grime from surfaces you’re cleaning, and unless they’re thoroughly sanitized on a regular basis, or swapped out frequently, you could be spreading a whole lot of mess and germs, all over your home. 

  1. Using the wrong products

Simple cleaning solutions are always the best, and in some instances, are even more effective. Harsh cleaning products can strip surfaces over time, so if possible, stick to natural products such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice (combined for the best results), or choose a store bought non-toxic multipurpose cleaner.

  1. Rubbing stains

The quickest way to make a stain worse, is to rub it. Instead of aggressively rubbing at a stain (whatever it may be), blot it carefully with a soft cloth and warm water. 

  1. Neglecting certain areas of your home

It’s easy to concentrate only on those surfaces of your home that get the most use, but there are areas in most rooms that when overlooked, can cause dust, grime and bacteria to develop. For example, ceiling fans may be in frequent use and unless cleaned often, simply spread dust and dirt throughout the home, and the same goes for the filters in your HVAC. Underneath furniture and the inside of cabinets and closets, should also be cleaned to keep your whole home free from dust and dirt. 

  1. Using a grubby vacuum

Despite vacuums being used frequently to help us keep our carpets, floors and furniture clean, they’re desperately overlooked when it comes to cleaning the item itself and can become very dirty, very quickly. A dirty vacuum will simply spread dust and debris wherever it’s used, so be sure to clean your vacuum and all the attachments at least once a week, and more often if you have a particularly dusty home or share it with pets. 

  1. Cleaning your home in the wrong order 

If you have an erratic style of house cleaning, you might simply start cleaning whatever looks to be dirty. However, this will usually only make the job harder, and result in you going back to clean areas or items that have already been cleaned. Start at the top of the room i.e. with ceiling fans, windows and cabinets, and work your way to down. Always be methodical and you’ll find it so much easier and quicker to clean your home. 

  1. Disinfecting before cleaning

There’s a big difference between cleaning and disinfecting, and only when you understand that difference, are you ever able to clean your home in the most effective way possible. 

Disinfecting requires chemicals to destroy germs, while cleaning is the act of physically removing the germs from a surface. Without prior cleaning, any disinfectant you use won’t be as effective at targeting the bacteria, as it will have to fight its way through the barrier of dust and other dirt, first. 

It’s easy to make cleaning mistakes or overlook certain methodology that can make the task quicker and more effective. When you hire a cleaning service, on the other hand, your home is always cleaned thoroughly and effectively, from top to bottom.