Portrait of African man sitting on chair in front of computer monitors and smiling at camera he working as a software developer

The Combination of Human Soft Skills and AI

The combination of human soft skills and AI has the potential to create solutions that can address complex issues. Soft skills are skills such as communication, empathy, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. 

These skills are difficult to replace in AI alone, so it needs the assistance of humans. It can also help make ethical and responsible decisions. If you look below, you will see examples of the skills that AI lacks without humans. 

For example, in 2009, Google aimed to digitize its back-catalog of books with the assistance of human intelligence.

It shows that humans are needed to make decisions about what individuals see on the screen. It is important for humans to take action on how to utilize that information and help different companies. 

Therefore, human supervision and oversight will help AI serve business and human interest.

What AI Needs To Learn From Humans
Source: Academic Influence