8 Easy Tips for Starting Off the New Year with an Active Lifestyle

Many people start off the new year by resolving to have a more active lifestyle. However, by March, a number of those individuals have abandoned their goals. One of the problems is the creation of unrealistic goals. Instead of falling into this trap yet again, follow some easy tips for making realistic changes in your activity level.

1- Choose to Walk

On most days, you are likely faced with situations where you could choose walking over another method of transportation. For example, walk down to the corner store for your cup of coffee instead of driving. If you usually take the elevator at work, make a commitment to use the stairs at least a few days per week.

2- Work with a Personal Trainer

If you already belong to a gym, ask about personal training sessions. Otherwise, you can join the gym closest to your home to encourage frequent visits. When you’re working out independently, you might give up easily or stop attending the gym altogether. A personal trainer helps to keep you motivated.

3- Take Classes

You might get bored of going on the treadmill or lifting the same weights every time you visit the gym. To break up the monotony, start taking fitness classes. Plenty of gyms offer an array of classes, such as dance and kickboxing, to keep you interested. Attending group fitness classes is a fun way to meet people too.

4- Exercise with Friends

When you head to the studio, bring a friend along with you. Having a workout buddy is a smart way to increase accountability and motivation for you both. Exercising with friends can help you to feel more confident too. Instead of going to the front desk at the gym to ask the receptionist how to use equipment, you can simply request that your friend guide you.

5- Stand at Work

Sitting down at a desk all day is a passive activity that can lead to other health issues as well. Look into tools that can raise your laptop above your desk so that you can stand while completing your work tasks. If this setup is impossible, make sure to take breaks to walk around the office.

6- Join a Team

Plenty of communities have opportunities for residents to participate in team sports. You don’t need to have any experience in sports to join some of the teams. You could look for a team that is in need of another player, or you could get together a group of friends.

7- Explore Nature

Chances are that you have some stunning natural spaces in your community that you could explore by foot. Even when the temperatures are cold in the winter, you can start scouting out places that you’ll visit when the weather gets warmer. Make a to-do list of spots to visit for yourself in order to get excited about these future adventures.

8- Clean and Organize

You might also want to have a cleaner and more organized home this year. You’ll be happy to learn that this project can help with your activity goals. Instead of hiring a cleaning team to take care of the mopping and dusting, put the tasks on your own schedule so that you can get in some more exercise.

Having a more active lifestyle doesn’t mean that you need to completely revamp your life. You also don’t need to purchase expensive equipment or give up all of your other hobbies to make time for fitness. You can simply make some changes to your daily routine.