8 Advantages of Upgrading an Office's Chiropractor Tables

8 Advantages of Upgrading an Office’s Chiropractor Tables

Chiropractic treatments help improve the range of mobility in athletes, reduce muscle pain and promote healthy body movements. During the sessions, doctors use special tables for easy manipulation of the body and to achieve great success in treatment. The best chiropractic tables on the market increase benefits for your patients and you as a practitioner.

1- Reduces Stress Levels

Every moment your patients experience stress, then muscles stiffen, leading to compressions on the spine. A strained spine affects the nervous system leading to pain in multiple areas of the body.

Modern tables use heat and pressure to help patients relax stretched muscles and compressions at the spine. The result is greater patient comfort during manipulation.

2- Reduces Muscles Spasms

It is not uncommon to hear chiropractic doctors complain about lumbosacral strain, soft tissue, lower back, and shoulders injuries from work. The leading cause usually is using a lot of pressure on the patient at awkward body postures.

Advancing your table to a four-section can dramatically reduce the risk of pain at work. The table minimizes the force required to make effective adjustments.

3- Enhances Strength and Balance

The table causes passive movements through intersegmental traction leading to relaxation and flexing of muscles. Consequently, it causes all tendons to exercise effectively, making them stronger. The motion also causes more blood flow into the joints, causing a better balance of the ligaments.

4- Offers Better Fluid Circulation

A chiropractic table uses rollers to move the vertebrae to and fro, leading to spaces between the joints. More space allows more excellent blood circulation into the vertebrae causing oxygen and required nutrients to flow into the spinal discs. This act helps to increase the strength of tissues and remove unwanted toxins from the muscles.

Spinal fluids flow better into the spinal discs between the vertebrae due to more space. The fluids play an important role in cushioning the joints from rubbing against each other and pinching the nerves.

5- Improves Spinal Range of Motion

The chiropractic table looks like a flatbed with rollers below the surface. A patient lies on the bed facing up, and rollers are adjusted based on his height and weight. The rollers move up and down, stretching the spinal discs in the vertebrae. As more nutrients flow into the muscles, patients have improved mobility on their backs, leading to healing with continuous work on the back.

6- Helps to Restore Body Posture

When patients are in pain, they adjust their body position while walking or sitting. As the pain persists, the habit continues, leading to distortion of the spine and muscles. A bent spine causes excruciating pain on the back ligaments. A chiropractic table helps stretch the spine and tendons in unison, allowing patients to restore normal body posture.

7- Provides Targeted Manipulation

It is beneficial for you to concentrate on the areas you are working on to achieve better results. A four-drop chiropractic table lets you focus on the thoracic, lumbar, pelvic, and cervical body parts with ease. A cervical drop headpiece allows you to target the neck during the adjustment when a patient has neck pains.

8- Addresses a Wide Range of Issues

Patients visiting your facility for treatment have varying injuries and complications. The table allows you to make necessary adjustments to accommodate patients with all kinds of ailments and body types, including children.