5 Ways to Make Your House Feel Bigger

5 Ways to Make Your House Feel Bigger

Have you ever felt like your house was making you feel claustrophobic? You’re not alone. It’s always a challenge in a small space to try and make it feel bigger. You already have to navigate storage issues and don’t want to over clutter the already tiny space.

Not sure what to do? Here are five helpful tips to make your small space feel larger and put your mind at ease.

Try Using Multiple Mirrors

Mirrors are key when trying to manipulate the light in any room of the house. They can use both natural and artificial light to bounce off one another. The same goes for glass table tops as well as coffee or dining tables. When put in the right place, the light can bounce just right off the glass to create a brighter, larger room.

This interior design trick is very simple and an established visualization project like Matterport Virtual Tours in Australia can definitely help you with visualizing your dream designs. Just pick a focal point in the room to center your mirrors around, like a window or a certain view.

It’s Time to Minimize

The trend of becoming a minimalist has surged over the last several years. But there’s a reason for it. Over cluttering your house can easily make it feel like your room is closing in on you.

If you take a look around at what you have, you can likely find ways to downsize. You might not need all of those paintings on the wall. Try just using one. Clean up your space and get organized. Your mind will thank you as you feel like you can breathe a little better inside that once chaotic room.

Consider Painting with Contrasting Colors

In the world of interior design, optical illusions are common. Designers find ways to maximize space by tricking the human eye. This can also be done through the use of colors. This is why contrasting colors on the wall and with your furniture or wall decor is so important. It’s best to use lighter colors for wall colors. Darker shades tend to make the room feel smaller because they absorb light.

Don’t believe us? Give it a try. Get a sample of the colors you want to try from your local hardware store. Bring them home and compare the two. If you still want to use darker colors on the wall, try painting only one of your walls to use as an accent wall. This can help make the room feel larger without overpowering the entirety of the space with the dark color.

Remove Drapes and Rugs

Remember how we talked about optical illusions? Drapes and rugs do the same thing, only not for the better. Curtains actually stop the eye from looking outside, which is obviously where we get all of the natural light.

If you’re not willing to remove the drapes, consider replacing them with shutters. This allows you to maintain your privacy while maintaining natural light.

If you have a small space like a studio or one-bedroom apartment, rugs can make the room feel the same as drapes and curtains. It overpowers the room and only adds to the clutter. If you absolutely want a rug, only have one instead of multiple throughout the house.

Update Your Windows

Windows are the eyes into the home, but not all spaces have windows that provide enough natural light to make the room feel bigger. In this case, consider updating the space with new window installation. The use of your mirrors, contrasting wall colors, and decluttering will all be accentuated by your brand new windows.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a space feel larger than it is. Just because your square footage may be lacking doesn’t mean it has to feel that way.