5 Ways International Students Can Help the Environment

There is no question that climate change is real, and humans are harming the planet. Research suggests that the polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate, sea levels are rising, species are becoming extinct and our planet is suffering dearly because of our attitude. There are many ways to support sustainability and help out the eco-system.

International school students can learn from some of these simple strategies.

  1. Awareness Campaigns – Many schools like the British International School in Thailand encourage their students to take steps towards sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. Students can come up with a green campaign to help the environment and get other students involved in the process. This is not only good for the environment, but it also raises awareness and makes faculty, staff, and students think about the planet.
  • Re-Usable Bags – Most of us buy food during our lunch breaks and most of us visit the local cafeteria or shop. When we go to buy items on our break, it is important to say no to plastic bags and carry around your re-usable ones. Plastic grocery bags get discarded almost everywhere and most of them find their way into rivers, lakes, and oceans. These plastic bags cause havoc to marine wildlife and many of them die due to strangulation or consumption of plastic items.
  • Recycle – There are many benefits associated with sending your kids to an international school, one of them being that they generally get behind recycling and encourage students to get rid of their rubbish in the right manner. Recycling is an easy thing to do, but many people do not bother with it. Aside from using recycling bins in school, it is also important to do it outdoors. Never throw trash on the ground or litter when outdoors, if there is no bin around, put your rubbish in a bag and dispose of it later.

As a student, you should make a point to throw thrash in the right units. Always separating biodegradable and non-biodegradable items.

  • Walk or Cycle to School – Another great way to save the environment is to walk or cycle to school instead of using a train, bus, or car. If you live a good distance from school, you can always travel halfway using public transport and finish the rest on your feet or bicycle.

There are many great reasons to ditch the car and walk or bike to school. Driving is one of the biggest causes of pollution, so leaving the car behind is always a much more sensible option.

  • Save Water –The last strategy on our list is to save water where possible. When you are brushing your teeth in the morning or washing your hands at school, turn off the tap and do not let the water run.

Being in an international school environment is perfect for connecting with others and boosting awareness about the environment and the strategies we can use at school to reduce our carbon footprint. We have done enough damage and it is about time everyone came together to make a real difference.